We watched Sea Turtles being released!

Our aquarium is very special in that it has a Sea Turtle hospital inside of it.

Sea turtles arrive with a variety of problems, including bacterial and fungal infections, shock from being exposed to cold temperatures, and wounds from boat strikes and shark bites. A full-time veterinarian is on staff to diagnose each turtle and with the help of hospital staff and volunteers, to provide treatments and rehabilitative care.

Once admitted, sick and injured sea turtles are given IV fluids, antibiotics, vitamins and other medications. Procedures include surgery, x-rays, ultrasounds and endoscopies, and blood transfusions for those that are severely anemic. The average length of stay for a sea turtle in rehabilitation is 7-8 months. When a turtle is deemed healthy enough to survive on its own, it is brought to a local beach to be returned to the ocean where it can rejoin the sea turtle population.

Yesterday we went down to the beach to watch as 7 of them got to be re-released back into the ocean…it was awesome…

Here he comes!

Slowly crawling towards the water…

He reaches the water!

Bye Bye Turtle!

Have you ever got to experience something like this?



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  • In an answer to your last question--no! What a great experience to be able to see those turtle helped and then released. I'll bet your kiddos loved it!
  • Oh wow! That is truly amazing. T Rex LOVES tortugas. We once swam with a sea turtle and that was really cool but I do believe this was a unique experience and thank you for sharing it with us.
  • What a wonderful thing to be able to experience! As T-Rex Mom said above, truly amazing! :-)
  • Oh so cool! I've never seen released, but I've had a chance to swim with them a couple times in Hawaii and on my honeymoon in Costa Rica we got to see one lay its eggs. I LOVE sea turtles. I wished Washington had Sea Turtles. :)
  • This is so awesome! I always wanted to do something like this when we live din Florida but never got the opportunity. I did like going to the beaches and seeing areas completely blocked off for sea turtle hatching. They do a good job of protecting their nests.
  • We always miss the hatchling releases they do in S. Padre. I bet it is absolutely amazing. I love to visit the turtles at Sea Turtle Inc in Texas. I was pregnant when we went last year and my first present to my unborn child was a toy turtle. <3 Thanks for sharing this amazing experience!

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