We made a GIANT sized Valentine Card!

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I love to be crafty. I get discouraged sometimes because in our current house we have no room to do crafts and I rarely take the time to actually sit down and do them. Or more like my kids won’t let me sit down to do them! 🙂

You can imagine I was thrilled when I got offered to make a GIANT sized Valentine card to blog about! Wahoo! I now have a reason to get out my supplies. Dining room table here I come!

Are they ready to shop or what?

Two of my boys and I headed to Walmart to purchase an Elmer’s Tri-Fold board. I knew it was going to be BIG but it was even bigger than I thought! I also thought it would be fun to get some Valentine stickers and embellishments to go on the card. I didn’t have any exact plans on what I wanted the card to look like so I just purchased a few fun items to decorate with.

We come home and cleared off the table of our junk. Do you get papers and what not accumulated on your table? It is a never ending battle at our house. I got out my crafty container with more stickers, glue, pipe cleaners, tissue, the works and spread it all out. Boy, was I excited to get started!

For the outside of the card I decided to make a big heart. It’s Valentine’s Day right?  We need hearts! But then I was stumped on how to decorate the heart and my smartypants O’Bear came up with the wonderful idea of putting a smiley face on it. Yes! We made heart shaped eyes and a heart shaped tongue. So cute!

Now the inside was HUGE. How was I going to fill up all that space? We had some butterfly/flower stickers laying around and one of the daycare kids said she could make flowers. You can? Yes again! I came up with the idea to use all of our colored tissue to make flowers that popped out! With a little help from YouTube our flowers came to life.

We glued them on. Finished filling up the white space with cute Valentine cards and stickers. What fun the kids had gluing and sticking everything into place.

Our final product is finished!

Do you make homemade Valentine’s at your house?

I was compensated by Collective Bias, but all opinions are my own.

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