We had a GREAT time at Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey!


“It IS the greatest show on earth!” both my big boys informed me.

This week my kids got to visit the circus for the first time that they remember. I couldn’t wait for them to meet the clowns, see the ferocious tigers, and be in awe at the tightrope walkers. Baby was excited for the “el-e-fant”.

We had terrific seats dead center ring and our eyes roamed back and forth, up and down, for a couple of fun filled hours. We had a blast! I would look over at my kids whose eyes were wide and watched them point here and there. They were taking it all in.

Some of our favorites…

Aren’t they amazing?

We love Tigers! Rarrrrr!

The Human Fuse is incredible!

A man shoots over the arena at 65mph on FIRE!

The stars of the show for P’Diddy. They were so sweet.

They danced too, which is the part he remembers best about the night. “El-e-fant. Dance”

Asia, the elepahant, even painted us a picture!


We had sooo much fun laughing with the comedy clowns, clapping for the acrobat team performing their flips, and bounced around with the Bounce Stilts.

 Of course I got talked into ice cones in a clown cup and sticky cotton candy!


Be sure to see if there is a Ringling Bros circus coming to your area! You don’t want to miss out!


What is your favorite part about the circus?

We received tickets to watch the show for my review.


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  • Hello - I love to see families enjoying a night out together. I'm glad you take the time to bond with your children and you have a wonderful blog about living "green" and natural. You obviously care a lot about your family. With that being said, I would strongly encourage everyone to rethink this form of entertainment. While the human entertainers are exceptional and obviously love their line of work, I have to call into question the use of animals such as elephants and tigers in the circus. Unlike humans, they have not made the conscious choice to perform tricks for an audience's enjoyment. The pictures of the animals make me so sad! It looks so unnatural for the animals to be posing in such a way. We have been given dominion over the animals and this is what we do with them? I imagine crunchy moms who eat meat would only do so if it were organic, not treated with hormones, cage-free, etc. not only because it's better for you, but better for the animal. How sad it is to see those chickens who can't walk because their bodies can't keep up with their abnormal growth, and how sad I am when I see these animals that cannot possibly be getting the exercise they need because they are in a traveling circus! Our society that just accepts that this form of entertainment is still ok. It's time to stop and think about what it is we are really seeing when we go to the circus.

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