We had a GREAT time at Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey!


“It IS the greatest show on earth!” both my big boys informed me.

This week my kids got to visit the circus for the first time that they remember. I couldn’t wait for them to meet the clowns, see the ferocious tigers, and be in awe at the tightrope walkers. Baby was excited for the “el-e-fant”.

We had terrific seats dead center ring and our eyes roamed back and forth, up and down, for a couple of fun filled hours. We had a blast! I would look over at my kids whose eyes were wide and watched them point here and there. They were taking it all in.

Some of our favorites…

Aren’t they amazing?

We love Tigers! Rarrrrr!

The Human Fuse is incredible!

A man shoots over the arena at 65mph on FIRE!

The stars of the show for P’Diddy. They were so sweet.

They danced too, which is the part he remembers best about the night. “El-e-fant. Dance”

Asia, the elepahant, even painted us a picture!


We had sooo much fun laughing with the comedy clowns, clapping for the acrobat team performing their flips, and bounced around with the Bounce Stilts.

 Of course I got talked into ice cones in a clown cup and sticky cotton candy!


Be sure to see if there is a Ringling Bros circus coming to your area! You don’t want to miss out!


What is your favorite part about the circus?

We received tickets to watch the show for my review.

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