We Climbed a Mountain on our Family Playdate!


This week I’m chatting about our trip to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Today I’m going to focus on what we did for our Family Playdate in Montreat, North Carolina which is a quaint town with less than a thousand people in Asheville’s metropolitan area.


It may be small, but it is gorgeous!

Our goal was to go on a hike and so Hubby just followed the road up the mountain. As we’re gazing out the window at the spectacular view, we see a park nestled in the woods. The kids had been driving all morning at this point and we decided to stop and let them run and climb for a bit.

It was the best decision was made all day because we found the coolest park that you’ve ever seen.


The playground was divided into different parts and snaked throughout the whole area were streams. Everyone had their shoes off and were laughing and playing in the water. It was awesome!

We never wanted to leave, but were excited to go up, up the road and find out what else we could discover. It was time to climb a mountain!


Just driving up and exploring the forest was an adventure in itself. Where do we park? Which path should we hike? We finally found a good place to begin, but uh oh it was MUD! There was so much rain that week that the ground was just soaked.

I was a tad worried about baby, but he hiked the entire time. And guess what? We got to the top and it poured down rain!!

We were a soaked, muddy mess by the time we came down. It was the best Family Playdate we have ever went on! I was so proud of my kids and what they accomplished. 🙂


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I received $100 from Merck Consumer Care, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Merck Consumer Care.

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