We are excited for the Disney on Ice Tour!

In a few weeks Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy in our area. To say that my boys are excited is an understatement. Even my 10 year old! I remember it being a highlight of my youth and I believe we did take my older ones to a show many many years ago, but none of us remember when exactly.

What will make this one even more special? Cars!

P’Diddy is obsessed with Cars. oh that Mater sure makes him laugh…over and over again.

I was wondering if the cars would actually be on four legs and I have this pictures to prove that they definitely look real.

Each Cars character took approximately 2,000 man hours to build and was built within a three-month time frame!

    • Mater and Lightning McQueen have molded rubber, talking mouths.
    • Each car is programmed with animatronics and:
      • Jumps up and down using pneumatic pistons/cylinders programmed to expressively display the character.
      • Features working headlights and taillights, as well as blinking/moving eyes.
    • The movements are programmed on a computer then downloaded into a control box built into each car.
      • The control boxes are triggered by a remote wireless signal which runs each program.
    • Each car can reach up to 40 mph, but is programmed not to exceed 15 mph.
    • All cars drive forward and reverse.
      • Mater can drive backwards—he is specially engineered to allow the driver to shift and face backwards and steer normally without looking over his shoulder.

Oh man, we are soooooooo excited!!

The tour will also feature Toy Story, Tinker Bell, and The Little Mermaid (my fav Disney movie!)

Check to see when Disney on Ice will be coming to your area. Stay tuned for my review!

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