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Being a new family in town everyone likes to give us advice on the best family friendly places to visit. This being the Denver area there is a lot! One of the first places I learned about was Water World and I added it to our summer bucket list. Last week we had a chance to go and check out their newest slide Warp Speed!

Water World

Water World Warp Speed

Warp Speed is a first generation interactive water slide gaming challenge framed in an intergalactic cosmic setting. Some equate it as if playing Guitar Hero – using your whole body to navigate through 3D space. It is the area’s first dual flume experience using a Slideboard, a totally new water slide vehicle product being debuted in the United States this year.

The slideboard has light buttons on it as you slide down you play the game! C’Man and I slide down at the same time and you would think a 13-year old gaming boy would beat his ole mom. No! This mama won and rubbed it in the rest of the day. ha! You can go back as many times as you like – your game id is saved – and each visit try to improve your score and try harder levels.

Water World Tubing
We didn’t get to stay long this day. Our dog just had surgery the day before and we had to get back to check on him, but we did get a few more slides in and I will tell you that I was very impressed with Water World! I wasn’t quite sure how much a 5-yr old would be able to do, but there were 3 family tube slides we went on together and they were so much fun! This was just one corner of the park so there could have, and probably was, more!
Water World Waterslide
And the two wave pools? We can’t wait to go back and swim in them more. So much to do! You could easily spend all day and then some.
Water World Wave Pool
Visit Water World when you are in the Denver area!
Have you been?
I partnered with Water World to help spread the news. All opinions are my own.

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