Water World Colorado is Full of Family Fun

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“When are we going to the pool again?” I have heard almost daily the last month or so. Last weekend I had the privilege of answering, “well today we are going to Water World Colorado!” Even I was excited. Last year was our first visit to the park to experience the new slide Warp Speed, but we didn’t get to stay long and there was still so much more to see.

Water World Colorado is one the biggest water parks in the country with 49 attractions. That is a lot to try out in one day! We slipped our water shoes on and experienced as much as we could in an afternoon. Let me share our favorites.

Water World Colorado

Water World Colorado Thunder Bay Wave Pool
Thunder Bay Wave Pool

P’Diddy’s favorite. It’s huge! While I am definitely a slide person, these boys might have been able to stay in here all day. You should hear the shrieks when the horn blows and the waves start. We found a shady spot to park our stuff and relaxed while the boys swam.

Turbo Racer

O’Bear’s favorite. A short, but super fun water slide. 6 or 8 people slide at a time – have a good push off and see whose time is fastest to the end. Mom wins of course!

Water World Colorado Lost River of the Pharaohs

Lost River of the Pharaohs

What we love most about Water World is the many family water slides. All five of us fit in one tube for the adventure. While there were fast and twisty turns, the best part is when you come to laziy drift inside the pyramid and experience what the lost pharaohs are up to. Moving characters, noises and mist create the effects.

Voyage to the Center of the Earth

My favorite and I highly recommend you visit this ride on your viist. Like the Lost River of Pharaohs, this is dinosaur themed. Don’t be scared as you travel throughout the earth and see the dinosaurs moving and roaring, especially that scary T-Rex!

Water World Colorado Mile High Flyer

The Mile High Flyer

C’Man’s favorite. Colorado’s only magnetic water coaster! And boy is it fun! It doesn’t look like a ‘thrilling’ roller coaster as you walk on by, but I’m going to admit that I let out a little scream or two during the sudden drops.

Traveling to Denver during the hot summer?

Visit Water World to cool off!

I received passes into Water World in exchange for my post. All fun opinions are definitely my own.

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