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Would you believe me if I said that my 7-year old has never visited Santa until this year? Oh, he has definitely looked from afar, but never wanted to sit on his lap. He has never been one to like mascots and characters like that. This month when we were invited to visit Santa HQ I made sure that this was the year that he would. He practiced all day on what was on his list.

We arrived to find this larger than life Santa display filled with thousands of lights. Gone are the days when it’s just Santa sitting in his chair alone. This was going to be an adventure before we even reached Santa!

First up he walked under the Naughty or Nice Meter where it detected that he was…..Nice of course! His name was displayed on the interactive board to show that he is definitely on the Nice List. His older brother also went under and it said he was Nice too. Not sure about that one. Ha!

Next they visited Santa’s Observatory where they pointed their tablets at different sections of the wall and watched real 3D experiences including the ceiling opening up to view the night sky. I bet this was the door Santa used to fly away with his reindeer on Christmas Eve!

They had a Naughty and Nice photo opp. This time the signs were correct!

Then it was time for the big moment. Visiting Santa. He sat on his knee and told him what he wanted. I stood nearby smiling and thinking my years of this were coming to an end and to enjoy every single moment while it was here.

Proof that he DID visit Santa. Yay!

Find a HGTV Santa HQ location hear you.

Be sure to Reserve your Time and make your line wait shorter!

Do your kids visit Santa every year?

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