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Using Eco-Friendly Food Containers

We have talked a lot on this blog about food storage. From sandwich bags to biodegradeable bowls to take-out containers. I’ve even show you how to eliminate plastic wrap by using eco-friendly lids.

Why is using these type of food storage containers so important?

I think there are three main reasons…

1) Landfill issues. By reusing the product we already have, we eliminate throwing more away. Stay away from plastic-ware and ziploc bags. Using a bowl and lid or cloth bags can do the same exact things. I play a game with myself every week to see how many items I can keep out of my trash can.

2) Stay healthy. “Normal” plastic can easily crack with wear and can leech toxins into food. Yuck! Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals and will last a long long time. Glass and ceramic do not stain and keep in smells. So many wonderful alternatives! When buying plastic make sure it is bpa-free and even better if it can biodegrade back into the earth.

3) Saving money. I love how reusing saves us lots of money. Not having to buy saran wrap or plastic bags anymore puts more in my wallet. It is easy to find eco-friendly options at thrift stores, garage sales, or get creative and use your own. My latest glass jar of honey is now the spot I put loose change.

Go through your kitchen and see what you can slowly start to replace and reuse. 🙂

How do you store your food?


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  • We have some sandwich wrap and mats, but the problem we have with them vs. plastic sandwich bags is that we make lunches the night before and place them in the fridge. This tends to dry out the sandwiches and is a bit frustrating to my kids. Still, I love the concept of these bags.
  • Thanks so much for this post. I've switched to storing most of my food in glass. I really hated the idea that our food was filling up with toxic chemicals being leached out of plastic so ... plastic is out and glass is in. However, that presented a problem for freezing foods. We don't have a large freezer and fond that we were only freezing leftovers so we decided to work hard at only making what we could eat in one or two meals and eliminate the need to freeze. But that leads me to ask ... what is your advice for freezing foods in an Eco-friendly way? By the way, I'm hosting a green Meet & Greet on my blog ... you've written several Eco-friendly posts so I'd like to invite you to link up. Hope to see you there!
  • I have switched from ziploc bags to reusable fabric bags - and man do I love them! I have also converted others to using them after they have seen the bags I have! :-)
  • I have loved my T/L/C covers!! You're right, using ecofriendly containers definitely saves money. Although I now wash more dishes, it's totally worth it! :)

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