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I wrote down my first gift idea last week. I usually have multiple notes going on who I need to buy for, what they want, and the items I’ve purchased. I keep some thoughts in my notebook and others on the computer.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all lists in one place? Since I do the bulk of my shopping online it only makes sense that I have a system that I can easily access anytime I want to keep organized.

I was recently introduced to pickURgift. A site that is specially made to keep Gift Lists. Here let me show you…


The first step is to Install the UR Button. It will go up in your toolbar or in your bookmarks depending on how your browser works. Super easy. Then you just start shopping on any site you want!

Find an item you want to add to a List and click your UR Button. A box pops up. You can see mine below on the right hand side.


I chose which List I’d like to add it to and any notes I want. Make a separate list for each person or yourself!

A unique idea that pickURgift has come up with is the Reverse Wishlist concept. This is where you create a list of items that you find for someone and then send them the list and let them decide which one they’d like. Cool? I think I’m going to try this with my dad this year. He is my hardest person to buy for because I never know what he already has or would like. Letting him choose from my ideas is still personable, but smart because I know he will actually use what he picks out.


You can easily keep track of all your Lists in your dashboard at pickURgift, as well as set up alerts and be reminded of dates you need to remember – birthdays, anniversarys, etc.

It is all pretty slick and user friendly.


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Do you need help with your Lists?


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