Ugly Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe That Kids WILL Eat!

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Ugly Roasted Brussels Sprouts that your kid will eat started out as a creative dinner idea for me. Sometimes we have a little fun in our family when it comes to food. I have 1 great eater, 1 ok eater, and 1 eater that I wish did better. I like introducing new foods, especially healthy ones! The hard part is getting them to take that first bite.

I have to admit that I’ve never been a huge brussels sprouts fan. My mom would make them and I’d turn my nose up. I decided to give them a shot one night and googled some ideas on how to prepare them. I found a recipe that I liked and tweeked it a bit and voila! It is GOOD!

I wanted the kids to try them out so I made a joke that I was going to fix something Ugly for dinner. They were eagerly anticipating what I was going to make…

Ugly Roasted Brussels Sprouts your Kids WILL eat!

Ugly Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

That Your Kids WILL Eat! I hope!

1 lb brussels sprouts

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp minced garlic or to your liking

1 tsp sea salt

pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Trim ends of brussels sprouts and cut in half if needed
Mix all ingredients in bowl together until brussels sprouts are coated
Place on baking sheet to cook. I love to use my silicone baking mats for this.
Put timer on for 35 minutes, but every 7 minutes or so go and move them around so they get roasted all over.
They are done when very browned. I like them when I can see them starting to blacken. The crisper the better!


So simple, huh? ALL my boys ate them and LIKED them! We’ve had many times now and they have great flavor and are crispy!

You need to try them with your kids and let me know what they think!

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