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Waiting waiting waiting. What do you do while you are waiting in the school car line? Waiting for the doctor who takes forever to come? Waiting for your table to be ready at our favorite restaurant? Or one I have coming up – waiting to get to your destination during a 12 hour drive.

TV Everywhere is a solution to the ease of waiting! You can watch your favorite TV shows while on the go on any device!

TV Everywhere

Who is your cable provider? Did you know that they have an app to put on your phone or tablet? Or even just watch right on your computer? I almost never watch shows when they first air, so this is a great way for me to catch up and even start to watching new series I’ve had on my wish list.

It’s funny that I’m chatting about TV Everywhere for me because my boys (Hubby too!) are the little TV watchers and this gives me an idea. My 5-year likes his kiddie shows, but his big brothers whine and complain when he puts them on. Now he can just add the app to his ipod and watch! And Hubby? I can see him glancing at sports scores on ESPN between patients. ha!

The Benefits of TV Everywhere:

  • View your favorite shows, news, sports and events
  • Watch live and later – including full-length, next-day episodes
  • Catch programs you might otherwise miss
  • TV Everywhere is a benefit of being a cable subscriber, at no additional cost
  • Ability to watch live or downloaded content
  • Secure sign in to watch
  • Past and current seasons
  • Start, stop, rewind
  • Resume watching across multiple devices
  • Build a personal queue/watch list
  • Automatically play the next episode in the series


Find your cable provider & their app at!

Watch your favorites from TNT, A&E, Travel Channel and may more while you’re on-the-go this summer!

VH1 Candidly Nicole TVE

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