Turning For Help

The other night we were driving home and had a Christian talk radio show on. I would listen to people’s stories with a sadness in my heart. They were hurting and it bothered me to listen.

I didn’t want to hear other’s pain.

I’ve experienced difficult family situations, haven’t we all? Painful memories were brought back and I didn’t like it, but it also made me realize how far I’ve come ~ with a lot of help from family, friends, and especially prayer.

Listening made me thankful. Thanking God that my issues have never turned into having to make a phone call to people like Weinberger Law Firm, who specialize in family law.

As time go by, we find more and more people close to us who do need help.

I have a friend who is now going through the same things that I did many years ago. I’m glad that she has my experienced ear to chat to, even if it is just to listen.

But does everyone have that?

The Christian talk show reminded me that there is help available for everyone who wants it. Hotlines to call, websites to visit, and hopefully a nearby Church that you can go to and feel safe and loved.

I hope if you ever find yourself in a place you need to talk and get answers, you have the resources to help you find a solution.

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