Travelling With Children – Tips and Tricks


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Travelling with children can be a challenge, so much so that many people just don’t even bother planning family holidays with little ones in order to avoid the perceived hassle. Though taking a trip with little ones does undoubtedly require some patience and forward planning, it is possible to do it happily and in a way that means everyone will have a good time. Use some of these tips and tricks from the travel experts at Sykes Holiday Cottages in the UK to organize your next stress-free family holiday!


If you are flying or driving the best way to avoid unnecessary stress is to leave early – much earlier than you think you need to. Running through an airport is bad enough on your own, but adding children to that just makes it a nightmare. Also, make sure to take advantage of all the help that is offered by airports and airlines to help families, like fast-tracked security checks and boarding – this is one of those situations where you don’t need t be a hero and do it all yourself! For long drives and flights have lots of activities planned and lots of snacks packed so you aren’t caught off guard. If at all possible try to organize transit for over times when the kids would normally be sleeping and just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Spending a week crammed into a small hotel room with your whole family is not really anyone’s idea of a good time. The good news is that there are other options that are more cost efficient and more comfortable for everyone. In the UK a popular family holiday accommodation option is renting out a holiday cottage. Not only are they often much less expensive than a hotel room, but you will also have far more space, privacy, and a fully-equipped kitchen where you can save even more money by making your own food. Kids are also much better behaved while travelling if you are able to keep them on a similar schedule to home and staying in a holiday cottage makes this much easier. To take a look at the type of cottage accommodation that is available throughout the UK and Ireland visit www.


Making sure that you have some activities planned in advance can save you time, money and frustration. Waking up without a plan can leave you floundering, especially if the weather isn’t what you were expecting, so make sure you have a loosely planned list of things to see and do over the week. Many family attractions offer early purchase ticket deals on their websites which can help to save quite a lot of money over a week long holiday on things you were planning to do anyways. It doesn’t take too much time to take a look and see what you can save. Packing the family a picnic lunch is also a great idea, which helps to save money and whining when there isn’t anything that your child likes on the menu.

Just a little advanced planning can make all the difference in ensuring that your family holiday is fun and stress-free for everyone. Family holidays are all about building great memories for you and your children, and spending the whole time frazzled and angry isn’t the best way to do that. If you set things up well in advance you will have a much better chance for success and hopefully you won’t end up needing a vacation from your vacation!

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