Join Me in the Tom’s of Maine Less Waste Challenge


It’s Earth Month and time to really think about how much waste we use in our household. If Tom’s of Maine corporate office only has two bags of trash in a month, then I think we can all work hard to match this in the Less Waste Challenge!

This month Tom’s of Maine is challenging all of us – can we reduce our waste by 1 pound a week?

Here are some of the things my family made sure to do this week.

  1. Cloth. Use cloth napkins for meals and washcloths/rags for cleaning. No paper!
  2. Bring Your Own Bags. Never use the store – bring your own, carry your goods – even at retail stores!
  3. Reusable Water Bottles. Don’t buy plastic water bottles. I’ve written a post on my favs.
  4. Assess All Food Packaging. Most can be thrown in the recycle bin.
  5. Scrap Paper. Paper is only recycled once every inch is used up.
  6. No Ziploc Bags. Use reusable containers for lunches and food storage.
  7. Buy Bulk. This week my flour, spices, nuts, seeds and quinoa was all bought from bins.
  8. Boxes for Play. P turned the biggest one into a car!

Cardboard Box Car


And remember once a product is used up – like a mouthwash bottle – think about how you can reuse it first. Check out this cute video on Turning Your Container into a Bird Feeder.

In our neighborhood garbage is picked up every week and recycling is every other. I wish it was the opposite because our recycle is always overflowing and I have the biggest bin possible!

Here you go Tom’s of Maine – our 1 week of recycled material.

My Less Waste Challenge

Less Waste Challenge

It feels good to have more recycled then waste. Try it!

For 45 years, Tom’s of Maine has been taking its own #LessWasteChallenge by developing natural personal care products with a focus on natural, responsible and sustainable practices and materials. Today, Tom’s of Maine has a goal of zero waste to landfills by 2020 at its manufacturing facility in Maine.

Will you join me in the Less Waste Challenge?

It takes 10 seconds to pledge yourself at

I am part of the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle and all opinions are definitely my own.


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