To Grandma’s House We Go…

I’m already dreading our two day car trip we are taking in August to visit Home. We are bubbling with excitement to see family and friends, but what am I going to do with three kids along the way?

I have my eye out for activity books on clearance.

I’m collecting free ebooks on the Kindle when I find ones they will like.

I’m slowly adding children’s music to my iphone.

And I’m thinking about how I’m going to bring P’Diddy’s favorite movie Cars 2 with us when it’s on Blu-Ray disc. Until yesterday I would have thought this idea was impossible!

Hubby had to help explain it to me – as I am very non-techy – but there is a free download VLC Media Player that you can put on ANY computer. I will bring my laptop along, stick in the blu-ray (or dvd), and it will play! Click here to read more about that as I am not the person to ask your difficult questions to. ha! All I know is that it sounds cool and I want to try it!

Our car will be jammed packed, but if I plan ahead, buy new activities, and have their favorites along it should all go smoothly.

Right? 🙂

Are you heading on a long car trip this summer?


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