Tips for a Long-Haul Flight


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They say that travel is all about the journey and not the destination, but that probably doesn’t apply to long-haul flights. For many people, even those who are very experienced travelers, traveling by plane is something to be dreaded rather than anticipated. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to help stave off some of the stresses of air travel. The next time you have to fly, whether you’re just going to be in the air for an hour or you’re crossing an ocean, use these tips to make the journey a little easier.

Dress for the Flight

Especially when taking a longer flight, comfort should trump style. Wear comfortable pants or a soft and roomy skirt if you are a woman. A pair of shoes you can slip in and out of easily is also a good idea, not just because it makes getting through security easier but also because you may want to take them off while in your seat. Planes sometimes get chilly as well, so pack a comfortable sweatshirt or sweater.

Bring Toiletries in Your Carry On

A long flight can be exhausting and take a toll on your body. Stay looking and feeling your best when you land by packing a separate bag of toiletries in your carry on. Bring along toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, personal wipes, and dry shampoo. About an hour before the plane touches down, excuse yourself to the bathroom and do a little freshening up. It will make you feel more alert when you land and better able to face the bustling crowd at baggage claim.

Look at Different Schedules

Take note of when different flights take off and touch down, as well as how long the plane is actually in the air. Red eye flights that travel overnight are generally cheaper, but you may decide it’s worth paying a little extra for a shorter flight or for one that doesn’t arrive at a new and unfamiliar destination in the middle of the night. A travel agency in Wilmington can help you with this.


Read the Baggage Guidelines

Baggage guidelines change often and may vary depending on which airline you are flying. Check requirements before flying to avoid getting a costly surprise at the gate. Airlines allow one carryon item, but the size of the bag allowed in the cabin varies from airline to airline. If you go over the limit, you will have to check your bag at the gate, leading to an additional fee.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to get dried out when you’re flying. Even mild dehydration can make you tired and cranky, as well as leaving you with an awful headache. Start drinking water at the airline gate, and keep hydrating every hour or so while you’re in the air. Just don’t overdo it right before takeoff and landing, as this is when the fasten seatbelt sign goes on and trips to the bathroom are temporarily put on hold.

Consult with a travel agency in Wilmington to get help booking a flight on a reputable airline on the best schedule for you.

*thank you for this guest post. Wilmington is a great coastal city!

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