Thermos Dual Lunch Kit

I have raved about Thermos before. Last year we reviewed their FUNtainers, both the bottle and food jars. We use them in the boys’ lunches. We could not have hot entrees and cold drinks without them!

We are excited to be able to put them in the Thermos Dual Lunch Kits this year!

Thermos sent us the exact style of lunch kits we love. Insulated. When the kids leave the house early in the morning and don’t eat lunch until five hours later, I want something to help keep their food at the right temperature. It is 100% PVC free with a PEVA lining.

Another lunchbox feature that is important to me is the way you carry the box. Most lunch boxes you carry from the side so everything gets swished around. Not this style! Lay everything in right side up and it stays that way.

Large, comfy, padded handle that makes it easy for the kids to carry is very nice too!

And see the dual compartments? You can separate food how you want – maybe cold on top and hot on bottom. Or dessert at the bottom – a hidden surprise once they eat their main goodies.

Well known characters like Batman, Spiderman, Avengers, Barbie, Dora, and more are a huge draw – at least with my kids! 🙂

Baby had to get his picture taken with it too!

Shop Thermos online or at many other retailers including Amazon!


What lunchbox feature is most important to you? Do you have a favorite Thermos product?


I received these products for review. All opinions are my own.

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