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The Ice Cream Social was Yum-my!



It was Saturday night so of course the whole family went along to grab a cold treat after a hot day.  I had heard The Walmart Ice Cream Social being advertised on the radio earlier that day, so I didn’t know what to expect as far as crowds. Was it going to crazy busy and we’d be fighting for our scoop?


I was happy to see the ice cream set-up right as we walked in. I had expected to walk to the back of the store to the freezers. We waited our turn for the super sweet lady scooping ice cream, pouring chocolate, & squirting whip cream. ‘Did you know today is National Ice Cream Day?’ she asked everyone.


The boys were anxious to see what flavors she would be dishing out. Edy’s caramel delight. A family favorite. Each of the boys grabbed their cups first then whoops no more left for mom and dad. She pulls out a new container to open ~ vanilla. A bit disappointed but it was the chocolate on top that mattered the most right?


I don’t have an absolute favorite ice cream but anything with coffee, mint, and/or chocolate is ideal. With hot fudge on top. YUM!


We let all the kids standing around first go ahead and grab their scoops. Kids shouldn’t have to wait for ice cream. Hubby (who opted for NO chocolate. What is wrong with him?) and I got our scoops and we happily walked around the store grabbing a few essentials we needed. Even had a few customers come up and ask where we got our bites. I happily pointed the direction!


As we left I peaked over at the ice cream stand and I was happy to see a steady stream of people. If you missed your chance then you’ll have another on July 2nd.


Will you be there?


This shop has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestle© and all opinions are my own.



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  • We're avoiding milk so no ice cream for us. This has been SO hard. Glad fun was had by all. I'm smiling seeing how much your little guy enjoyed it.
  • I'm sort of surprised at how different the experiences have been based on store - some (like yours) look well done.. then the one I went to was not so great.
  • definitely have to try to there July 2! Thanks for the heads up! Sounds yummy. I would've been TERRIBLY disappointed not to have gotten the caramel ice cream b/c that is like my FAVORITE. Oh and raspberry chocolate chip! :) Glad you had fun. Love the photo strip effect - how did you do that!?

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