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The Help Book and Movie

I always read the book first and The Help book was no different.

Sometimes I wish I was part of a book club. Just for those books that when you shut the page each night before going to sleep, you start dreaming about it. When the book is finished, it stays with you for days or even weeks.

When I finished The Help a couple of days ago I couldn’t wait to talk to someone about it! I told Hubby he had to read it just so I can have a discussion partner. I emailed my best blogger friend Julie with a couple of my thoughts and we had a nice virtual chat.

Overall, I thought it was a terrific book! I was anxious to pick it up and read a big chunk each day. There were a couple of parts that I wish were different and this is mostly because I like happy, upbeat, everything is nice in life books. But real topics aren’t always like that huh?

On August 10th there will be a Disney movie coming out. I am anxious to see it and put some names and faces together. I hope they aren’t to different than what I have already imagined. Here is a trailer I found for you to watch. Makes me even more excited to see the movie!

The Facebook page for The Help movie is pretty cool. There is a Social Video Player that embraces the collaborative spirit of the story by allowing fans to share their voice. Users are encouraged to add comments and start a dialogue directly in the video player.

Also, DreamWorks Pictures has created an awesome Helpful Book Club Kit which contains everything you need to create a perfect THE HELP themed meeting for your club! The Book Club Kit includes southern style recipes (including Milly’s Pecan Pie!), drinks inspired by the characters, discussion group questions and can be downloaded.


Have you read the The Help book? Did you like it? Are you going to see the movie?

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  • I cannot WAIT to see this movie - after reading the book a year ago it definitely STILL stays with me! :) The trailer definitely looks awesome. And I like the main character Skeeter's look - I could NOT get a HORRIBLE frizzy haired image out of my head so I am glad they chose someone with nice curls! LOL - I know, that is so dumb to say but... as someone who has naturaly curly/frizzy hair myself I felt so bad for her and her hair issues in the book! :)

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