The Way of the Washing Machine


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Modern day washing machines are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Today, nine out of ten homes have them and even the most ethical and environmentally conscious consumers possess such a machine for its undeniable convenience. With such a strong presence in the domestic market, the convenience of the washing machine trumps concerns over its carbon footprint every time.

Fewer washing machines are being purchased now than in the past but that is a direct result of their increased reliability. Consumers are inclined to select machines that are energy efficient and consume the least amount of water and manufacturers have responded to this by creating economical, efficient machines that are built to last.

It’s easy to understand why consumers are preoccupied with energy and water issues as bills for both have been on a steady increase in recent years. Washing machines average about 22% of household water usage and 6% of electricity consumption so keeping these costs as low as possible is an important priority.

As a rule, front loading washing machines are much more water efficient than top loading models. If you’re in the market for a new machine, front loading is absolutely the way to go; you can cut your water consumption by 25%-40% and save your household as many as 7,000 gallons of water per year.

A significant amount of the total energy used by washing machines (roughly 85-90%) happens when the water is heated for washing. Models that fill machines from an existing domestic hot water system are often more efficient than those that heat water in the machine, which is important to keep in mind. Many modern models have been built to address this consumption issue and require lower wash temperatures generally thus reducing energy costs overall.

It’s always important to comparison shop in order to find the product that fits your specific needs and budget, and washing machines are no exception. On the whole, the new models on the market today are quite efficient and built to last. As washing machines are intended to last for many years, it is well worth the investment for a quality machine that conserves both water and energy so your overall domestic costs remain low and manageable.

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