The Unique Crisproot Chip!


Do you love potato chips, but dislike what they are made of? Read further!

Crisproot Chips are made from the roots of the Cassava shrub that is native to South America but is cultivated all over Asia, South America, and Africa. Have you heard of this? Keep reading…

Cassava (also known as tapioca, manioc and yuca) grows in arid conditions all year round, and needs very little water for cultivation. This makes it the perfect drought-tolerant crop the world over, especially in sub-Saharan regions of Africa and rocky, mountainous landscapes in South America.

Cassava root is the primary energy source for 800 million people all over the planet, and there are wonderful efforts going on right now to teach even more communities how to grow and harvest cassava.

Pretty cool?

The ingredients are simple ~ Cassava, palm or sunflower or safflower oil, sea salt, natural vitamin E to preserve freshness.

No Trans Fat, Dairy & Gluten Free and No Cholesterol.

Crisproot Chips

They come in four different varities! Original was the ingredients I shared above. Then there is an added Sea Salt. yum!

BBQ Bliss is sweet and smoky with brown sugar, chilies and spices. I am a bbq chip girl!

And Ginger Thai which is a ginger-lemongrass flavor. I was really afraid to try this one, but I like it! Not my number one fav but I would definitely eat a bag.

I think it’s wonderful that there is a  ‘healthy’ potato chip option out there. A mama like me needs her crunch along side her sandwiches. It may not be that greasy taste we love, but that is a good thing.

Crisproot Chips are available in select stores and on Amazon.

Are you a potato chip person? Want to try out these substitutes?

Amazon links are affiliate. Thank you for supporting this blog. I received these chips for review and all opinions are my own.

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