The Right Baby Name

It is no secret that I need a girl. A little pink in this house would be nice. Plus I have had a girl’s name picked out since I was ten years old.

But God has a plan for me and has given me three beautiful boys. The hardest part each time I found out I was having a boy was, what will I name them? Good thing I had nine months to figure it out because it look me that long to decide! For some reason, I don’t have a lot of favorites. Baby boy names are hard for me. Actually, P’Diddy is named one of my favorite taken-over-by-girl names, although it IS a boy name and traditionally so. Don’t you want to know what it is now? 🙂

One of the ways to help give us ideas was pouring over yearly lists. I just glanced at the baby names 2011 to see what was on there. Harry was #1. I don’t even know any Harrys! #2 Jack. Yep, know a few of those. #5 Alfie? oh, this is a British list! ha ha!! That makes more since. Those are some cute names though.

I’m also curious ~ did you share your baby name with friends and family? We didn’t and enjoyed keeping them in the suspense!

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