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The Best Water Bottle and Why I Think That

I have reviewed many of the best water bottle(s) over time on this blog. My family of five uses them all on a daily or weekly basis and I still collect more whenever the opportunity arises. What can I say, we are water bottles junkies! I thought it would be cool to bring them all together for this one post and give you my current opinions on each.

The Best Water Bottle

The Best Water Bottle

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug {Amazon $12.99} – there is even an AUTOSEAL for kids! {Amazon $8.68}

This product is probably made for coffee lovers because the no spill feature is absolutely the best! But I use it as a water bottle since it won’t spill in my purse, fits in my cup holder beautifully and keeps everything wonderfully cold.

Laken Insulated Wide Mouth {Amazon $23.95 on up} plus Insulated for Kids {Amazon $21.95}

Nothing bad to say here. Keeps drinks extra cold. The kids bottles are so cute! These are the ones my big boys take in their lunch everyday. I love the loop top to hold and make sure you have the straw lid attachment too unless you like to guzzle straight from the bottle.

Camelbak Better Bottle Insulated {Amazon $18.98}

This is the one I probably use the least just because I like stainless steel better, but it is lightweight which is nice to take on hikes. It also has a Big Bite Valve which I don’t love as part of the straw, but it does make it spill proof. I’d like to check out some of their other styles sometime.

PURE Glass Bottle

This is the best bottle to infuse fruits in or add flavor to your water. No yucky metallic or plastic taste…just pure. It won’t shatter when broken so you don’t have to worry about that!

EcoVessel Big Boulder {Amazon $21.52} & Aqua Vessel. Kids too!

Love this company and not just because they are local to me. They have a great selection and styles, including glasses and growlers and kids snack cups. They use their TriMax Triple Technology to make sure that everything is definitely cold (or hot!). The bottles come with fruit/tea infusers too.

Thermos. I’ve reviewed the Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle {Amazon $18.20) and FUNtainer Kid Bottle {Amazon $13.99+} and more.

Everyone knows this brand and they do not disappoint and last forever. There is not a day in our house that we aren’t using their Food Jar or a water bottle of some sort. The FUNtainer in dinosaurs is what P’Diddy uses in his weekly lunch.

S’well Bottle {they are on Amazon but pricier}

If I had to pick just one water bottle it would be S’well. They come in three sizes and I have the middle one which is perfect to fit in my purse and in my cup holder. I wish the opening was a tad bigger for my ice, but I get it to work. I just love the look and feel of it. The colors are amazing. This is still one of my top visited review posts after a couple of years. Everyone wants a S’well Bottle!

I hope you enjoyed my collection of The Best Water Bottle!

Do you have a favorite?

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EcoVessel Best Water Bottle

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