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Hubby and I have a good routine going. After the kids are in bed each night we either pop some popcorn or scoop a bowl of ice cream and stream a show that we both like. Right now we are watching the Black Sails series with the new episodes of Walking Dead mixed in. Sometimes, it is movie night instead and that is always fun. This past weekend we got a sneak peek at the independent comedy THE BABYMOON film.


You might be familiar with the recent trend of new couples who create a relaxing ‘Babymoon’ vacation just before a child will be born.  It’s their last escape before parenthood begins. Writer/Director Bailey Kobe – Dad of a toddler himself – did this, and a feature film was ‘born.’

However, in this new adventure, the couple accidentally choose a country that is undergoing a political revolution. OOPS. In a fragile relationship, a husband tries to impress his pregnant wife, with a luxurious baby moon vacation to the most beautiful, exotic, country on the planet, but quickly learns that maybe this wasn’t the best choice.


Husband, Trace (who is known for his work on The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, and most recently Dark Matter), is an egotistical tv-star wannabe who has a little bit of fame due to a song he has out. Hanna, his wife (most recently been featured on Code Black and primarily known for her work on hit drama Mad Men) has had enough of him and the women who try to surround themselves around him. They have a fight and Trace leaves their room, only to be lured away by a beautiful girl who has a trap sprung with her friends to kidnap him away from the hotel.

They are a political group who is against the current government and they think his fame with bring them a large ransom to help fund their goal. Are these guys tough? Or just trying to earn easy cash? Their adventure through the jungle is comical as they bring along a Hollywood pretty boy who knows nothing about living in the open wild, while very pregnant Hanna feels remorse when she finds out her husband is gone and rides around with the locals (and even ziplines in her state!) who know the area better to find her husband.

Trailer for you:

The Babymoon Feature Trailer from Double Entente on Vimeo.


Will Hanna find Trace in time? Will the ransom be met? Will the baby be born?

Find out when you view THE BABYMOON film.

Debuts on Digital and Video on Demand February 14th. Just in time to watch with your honey.

DVD released on March 28th.


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