Teeny Turtle bumGenius Freetime AIO Cloth Diaper Giveaway


You first met Beth and Teeny Turtle last March when I showed off her Cute Store and my Cute Rumparooz Whale Diaper. This is still one of the first diapers I reach for in my stash! Those Inner Gussets are just wonderful!

Teeny Turtle is full of great things. Beth has the NEW bumGenius Freetime All In One.

bumGenius is one of my favorite brands…I have their old sized AIOs and their Elemental AIO so I was anxious to try this one!

It has an inside like you’ve never seen before!

There is two semi-attached – meaning just one end is attached to the diaper – stay dry inserts that fold down and overlap on top of one another.

This allows for the fastest drying time yet and you can customize the fold so it fits your baby best.

Do you know how hard it’s been for me to take diaper pictures of my child this week? He does not sit still so today he is laying 🙂

Love the one size bumGenius. Plenty of room and like I said before it will last for as long as you need it! (well the snaps will. bg hook and loop might be a story for another day).

The best part? No stuffing! Hubby’s favorite.


I am excited to get introduce Teeny Turtle’s brand NEW website! Just launched today!

You get to be the first visitors!! (actually some browsers still having issues pulling it)

You will see she does a local cloth diaper service (so cool, huh?) and carries lots of items that cater from baby to mama.

If you are a wool fan be sure to check out Babee Greens.

Or a cooool diaper that I have never heard about until the other day EcoPosh Recycled Organic OS Fitted. Have you seen this diaper? It’s made out of recycled water bottles!

Have fun looking around!


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Win a bumGenius Freetime AIO

In stock choice! ($19.99)

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