Teens Sleep Better with Tomorrow Sleep System

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Being a teenager is preparing for being an adult. Our daily tasks are very similar. Wake up before the sun, take a shower to smell good, eat a healthy breakfast to get through the morning, attend school all day, and after school still have more activities, work, or homework. It’s pretty exhausting! Can teens sleep better?

Good sleep is SO important and that is why I’m happy to share Tomorrow Sleep with you. They have designed a System for you to be able to wake up and start your day off right. Can’t wait to tell you about it.

But first, there is a few key details that I think will help teens sleep better:

  1. Turn off the screen time an hour before bed. This is HARD I know. My son loves his laptop to watch shows, but they’re still wired when the lights go out with all those images running around their brain.
  2. Read for a bit. It winds them down and makes the eyes sleepy.
  3. Same bedtime every night. My teens are very good at going to bed at a decent time. I think this makes a big difference when they get the hours they need. Routine, routine.
  4. Keep a glass of water by the bed. Our air is dry. Waking up in the night to have to go downstairs to grab a drink is the worst and many times it’s hard to get back to sleep right away.
  5. Type of mattress, sheets and even comforter you use can make a difference. Let me tell you more!

Introducing the Tomorrow Sleep System…thousands of hours of research has gone into these products. It’s not just the mattress, but the whole bundle will help you wake up feeling refreshed.

Memory Foam Pillow. For those who like low form fitting pillows with no squish. This two sided memory foam bed pillow is designed to feel cool on one side and cozy on the other. While conforming to your head and neck for maximum comfort, it responds to your body heat and pressure points to help keep you relaxed. I really wanted to steal this from C’Man!

Plush Pillow. For the high fluffy pillow lovers. Hypoallergenic down alternative that feels fluffy while providing support. A silky soft sateen surface and smart memory foam-like puffs feel plump and comfy without letting you sink too deep. For me it’s a great hug pillow!

Teens Sleep Better Tomorrow Sleep

Sheets. 100% USA grown Supima cotton and a luxurious 500 thread count. The sheets are percale woven, which is a breathable two-sided weave known for its light, crisp feel. They are soooo silky soft!

Comforter. All-season lofty comforter designed to help keep you at just the right temperature as you sleep. A 300 thread count surface and down-alternative filling come together in an evenly plush quilt perfect for nestling into. ThermoBall™ filling keeps you warm without the weight. It’s definitely comfy cozy!

Teens Sleep Better Tomorrow Sleep

Hybrid Mattress rated highest on the internet. We didn’t need a new mattress so I can’t tell you my opinion on it, but it sounds amazing how it combines the best aspects of both foam and innerspring beds, while keeping you cool!

Sleeptracker Monitor. Grab the app and it will record your sleep cycles, heart rate, breathing and body movements, and offers personalized suggestions for better sleep. You can finally understand your quality of sleep and be able to improve it. Teens LOVE apps!

Made in Charlotte, NC |100-night trial | Free shipping & returns | 0% financing available

Visit Tomorrow Sleep today and see how teens sleep better – and you too!

Use code: BEACH150 for $150 off any $500 purchase (expires 12/31/17).

Teens Sleep Better Tomorrow Sleep

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