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A few years ago C’Man told us he wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I said great! It was sixth grade and he was done playing most sports and I wanted him to still be involved with something. We took him to a free first lesson to see what he thought and he really enjoyed it. Well life happened and he’s never gone back though it does get mentioned every so often to try again.

We were so excited to learn about Fender who will teach him online – in the comfort of our house (no running around!) and at the pace he wants. He can play everyday or even just a few times a month if he wants to practice around his schedule.

Fender Online Guitar Lessons

Let me tell you a little more about Fender’s brand new online learning program:

Choose Your Path.  The program is song based so you get to pick your genre – rock, pop, country, blues and folk – on either acoustic or electric guitar. C’Man chose country and loves that he recognizes and is learning to play songs he knows already. They break them down piece by piece. Basics first of course!

Fender Online Guitar Lessons

Hundreds of Instructional Videos. Each time you log in pick Your Path and choose the next lesson. You can see right away how long each will be. They can range from a short 3 minutes to a longer 17 minutes, but most are right in the middle of that. Each lesson is broken down simply.

Yes you can learn so much just by spending 10 minutes a day practicing!

Fender Online Guitar Lessons

Top Notch Production Elements. Fender uses 4K multi-camera video production to deliver a clear and unified curriculum. A split-screen and an over-the-shoulder angle that provides a unique and valuable perspective for your player. It’s super important to have good clear videos when learning online and hand placement is key with the guitar. Each hand is doing something different and they do a good job of focusing in on each section up close.

Online Guitar Lessons

Set Your Pace. This is key for us. C’Man plays daily now, but I know when school starts that will not happen. I love paying a monthly fee, which is gives him access at anytime for however long. At $19.999 a month you just can’t go wrong!

Try it for FREE – yes a 30-day trial! Find out if your teen will enjoy Fender’s online guitar lessons before you begin paying. You can cancel anytime.

Online Guitar Lessons

Did you know that learning how to play the guitar will boost confidence and give teens more motivation? I don’t know about your teen, but mine could really use more this!

Playing the guitar is something he can do for his entire life and an accomplishment he can be proud. It’s a skill I think more people wish they had and now with the ease of Fender’s online guitar lessons anyone can do it!

Start your 30-day Free Trial today!

Teaching Teens Online Guitar Lessons

Is your teen interested in online guitar lessons?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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