Talk to Your Kids about Being #CyberSafe

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So I have a twelve year old addicted to his computer. I completely understand why…because I am addicted to mine. It’s hard for me to say No when he sees me typing away! What bothers me is that he watches YouTube. Now I know what he is watching on YouTube, most of the time, but it’s not like he comes and asks permission each time he watches something else. Should he?

This is a hard topic for me. I took a quiz.


I liked this quiz because it explained each question and answer no matter your choice at the end and WHY. Did you know that children under 13 are not allowed on Facebook? Can someone please explain this to some of my Friends? It really tears me up to see the young ones on Facebook because we really have no control what goes in our feeds…I have seen some very inappropiate posts in MY feed because my friend ‘likes’ it. Wonder if a child was viewing that same image?

This quiz and many other parent resources are from the Boys and Girls Club of America’s Cyber Safe Futures initiative in support of Internet Safety. It’s a great kid-friendly site that is actually run by kids!

In fact I am encouraging you to ask a question to the teen CyberTribe. I did! I asked:

How can I determine ahead of time which You Tube videos are appropriate for a 12-year old?


You can win just by asking a question too! An iPad Mini plus $500 to a local Boys and Girls Club of your choice. That is pretty great and a win win for both.

What questions do you have about Being a #CyberSafe Parent?


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