Tacos Made Better

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At our house tacos are a pretty common meal. They are easy for me and the boys love them. Plus they make great leftovers! When I say it’s taco night at my house the only complaint you will hear is from Hubby. He’s had them too much and doesn’t want them again. This week I decided to mix it up and have a Taco Bar with new ingredients. Tacos made better with Rollin Greens Millet Tots and Grain Trust rice did the trick!

First, let me tell you about my visit to their office. A group of local bloggers was invited to check out their new digs which are located right on Boulder creek in the heart of town. They have their own kitchen to work up recipes of course and put on a cooking show for us introducing their products which can be found at Sprouts Farmers Market!

Rollin Greens Millet Tots are the only non-potato, ancient whole grain tot you’ll find in stores. The original tot is composed mostly of organic millet and a few spices. It tastes just like a hush puppy if you are fans of those! They also carry Italian Herb which has some organic roasted red pepper and organic cauliflower in it. The Spicy-Sweet has organic sweet potato and some spicy-ness of course. They are SO good. You can’t help but want to gobble them up!

Grain Trust Steam Rice has been in my life for awhile and I am SO appreciative because it makes for a fast side when I need one. Each box contains 3 packets of rice that take 3 minutes to steam in the microwave. You can also cook on a stove for a few minutes with a sprinkle of water. Their flavors include Brown Rice, Jasmine, Grain Mix, Cuban Beans & Rice (a meal in itself!), Hibachi Fried Rice (yes!). All organic!

Tacos made better was a success with the added Millet Tots and Rice. I should have called it Burrito Bar because our tacos were stuffed full! It really was a fast and easy dinner and the kids enjoyed getting to put together their own meals just how they like it.

 Find both Rollin Greens & Grain Trust at Sprouts!

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