Sunday Mornings


I look forward to Sunday mornings every week.

It is the morning that no alarm clock will wake me or no child will come into my room demanding me to get up. My windows have been slightly cracked at night so I sleep until I feel the slight chill in the air, the birds chirping their morning songs, and the sunlight filtering through my window blinds.

If I’m lucky I’ll also wake to the smell of Hubby cooking me breakfast. Eggs and sausage or maybe we’ll get a real treat with his famous biscuits and gravy.

I rise and stumble down the stairs. By the time I hit the last step you’ll be sure my body is wide awake as the sound of my children shrieking will be heard. The big boys will glance up and give me a Good Morning Mom, but my baby will run over yelling Mom’s Up! He’ll be so glad to see me.

Hubby hits the shower first as he helps lead the junior high at church and needs to get out of the door earlier. The rest of us will take our time to get dressed in our casual, but nice Sunday clothes.

Out the door we’ll go and drive the short distance to our church we’ve come to love over the last few years. The kids race to their classrooms, even P’Diddy runs into his teaches arms and is ready to learn his bible verse of the month.

I head to the service where I sink into the chair until the music starts and then I’m swaying and singing my favorite Christian music tunes. Peace and comfort. I love my Sunday mornings.

Tell me about your Sunday mornings…




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