Summer Yummies from Whole Foods Market

It’s movie night and the boys and I are munching on Iowa Popcorn…

Every member of our family noticed our new popcorn at a different moment and every one said ‘Iowa!’ You see Iowa is where we are from. I grew up watching the corn stalks grown right next door to me. My Hubby even helped with shucking corn each year. We were a bit excited to see our home state being brought into Whole Foods stores!

Tiny But Mighty Popcorn

TINY BUT MIGHTY HEIRLOOM POPCORN has kernels about half the size of kernels in regular popcorn. Tiny But Mighty popcorn is essentially hull-less (without the shell cooked away during the popping process), making it easier to chew and easier to digest. Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is a recipient of Whole Foods Market’s Loan Producer Loan Program (LPLP), a program providing local farmers and artisans a low-interest loan to help make their dreams a reality.

Don’t let me forget to say it is non-GMO verified!

Enchilada Sauce

A new enchilada sauce to try? Yes please! A fav in my house, I loved the taste of SKY VALLEY GRILLING SAUCES AND MARINADES. I also loved the ease of squirting right out of the bottle. Just added some shredded cheese on top before I baked and voila. yum!

Out with the old (Sriracha) and in with the new – Sky Valley is excited to release 10 brand new Internationally inspired, bold flavored sauces to your kitchen. With sweet, spicy, and savory options like Korean BBQ Sauce, Enchilada Sauce, Miso Glaze, Thai Peanut Sauce and many more, these gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO verified, and organic sauces.

Sprouting Seeds

HIGH MOWING ORGANIC HOME SPROUTING SEEDS is going to be a fun project for me and the boys. We’ve been busy packing, moving and traveling this summer, but I brought it with me to our summer destination. Can’t wait to unpack and watch our seeds turned into fresh food!

High Mowing seeds are certified organic, non-GMO verified, and the perfect opportunity to grow fresh food all year long—no soil required!  Create your very own green nursery with 10 different varieties exclusive to Whole Foods Market including Alfalfa Sprouts, Mung Bean Sprouts, Ancient Eastern Blend Sprouts, and more!

Pole & Line Tuna

Have you ever bought a can of tuna because of the cool looking can? You might now! POLE & LINE CAUGHT TUNA is the most sustainable canned tuna option on the marke. The fish in every can is caught one at a time using the pole and line method for sustainability, with a fisherman’s signature on each can—allowing shoppers to trace exactly where their can of tuna came from!

Pole & Line tunas are gluten-free and MSC certified, available in Albacore with salt, Albacore without salt, Albacore in Oil, Skipjack with salt and Skipjack without salt. Watch this video to hear from the fishermen themselves, and learn why “pole and line caught” is the most sustainable fishing method out there.


Are you a hot sauce fan? You need to try SCRUMPTIOUS PANTRY HEIRLOOM HOT SAUCE. I knew the boys wouldn’t love the spicy taste so I added as a side choice to our bbq chicken the other night. The bottle informed me it was a great addition to bbq and mac & cheese night. Yes it was!

Founded from a passion for food with heirloom food values, Scrumptious Pantry is now offering three, gluten-free, non-GMO hot sauces made with heirloom peppers. Available in one-of-a-kind flavors like Beaver Dam Pepper, Chiltepin Pepper, and American Persimmon.


If you’re looking for a bite sized snack and love coconut, then you need to check out the NUTIVA O’COCONUT BARS.  Made with clean ingredients, Nutiva is the world’s leading brand when it comes to all-organic hemp foods, coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds. This non-GMO verified treat has only 60 calories and is available in Classic Lightly Sweetened Coconut and Hemp & Chia flavors.

aka the ‘Almond Joy’ and boy do I love this nutritious version of the classic candy bar. 🙂

Looking for a healthy snack on the go? GO RAW SALAD SNAX has extended its line of snacks, sprouts, and raw food with Salad Snax, an organic, ready-to-eat salad snack, perfect for a quick bite. These Whole Foods Market exclusive and non-perishable snacks are made with raw dehydrated kale, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and other veggies, available in three nutrient-rich flavors: 1000 Island, Original Vinaigrette, and Ranch.

 Well what do you think? What do you want to try first? 🙂

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