Summer Activities to Get Your Family Moving #ShakleeBlogger


Here are some our favorite things to do in the summer – ideas to get your family moving!

Tennis. You can pick up raquets at yard sales and thrift stores. The kids may not know how to play at first, but I promise you that they will love going to a court and hitting the balls around that big open space.

Hike. Head to your favorite park / trail and get in a Nature Walk. Each time you go make it a scavenger hunt with things – squirrel, orange leaf, caterpillar, etc. the kids have to find.

Have you been Geocaching before? Another great idea for a hunt!

See my Vlog this month on where my family likes to go…to the water of course!

Water Gun fight. I just found mini water guns at Walmart for $1. My boys can’t resist giving a good chase! Also try Water Balloons for something different and fun!

Speaking of chase…when is the last time you played Tag? My husband started this one day and it has stuck. My 3yr old especially likes it which is funny since he is the slowest and always It.


What about hula hoops? We were just given one at a yard sale. Get those hips moving! It brings on giggling too!

Jump rope. Came home the other night to see my neighbors – adults included – playing jump rope with their kids. Oh this brings back memories of the schoolyard.

Swimming. This is a given of course because I’m sure your family loves to go all summer long. Play games while you’re there. Show them the tricks of your youth. Have relays. Swim laps for time. Anything to keep them moving along.

I can’t wait to hear what your family does to keep moving in the summer!


Still chugging along in my Shaklee 180 program. I need to step up my game as the first 2 months were definitely better for me then these last 2 months. 2 months to go and I’m going to finish strong! 🙂

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