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A Stress Free Holiday Tip to be #SimplyHealthy at Sam’s Club

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I’ve been a bit of a whiner lately to anyone who will listen. It’s mid-November and the holiday stress has already started for me. I am finding I am running out of time to fit all I need to do in a day. I want to share a stress free holiday tip with you that I know is going to help my household and I hope yours too!

I headed to Sam’s Club with a plan in place.

Sam's Club

One thing that would save me time is having my kids’ snacks prepared and ready for them to grab at anytime. With them home, homeschooling this year, it seems they are hungry all the time. My patience wains as I’m juggling multiply tasks and I hear ‘I’m hungry’ every ten minutes from someone.

Healthy snacks is what we were after and I found most of it in the produce section!

Sam's Club

When I arrived home, I cut the peppers into strips, opened the cheese and crackers and stored them in a reachable place in the fridge, and set the fruit in a bowl that always sits out. The carrots I did nothing with because they already came in a zip loc bag. Everything was now kid-friendly and they can easily grab whenever. Even for a four year old! Though I do have to help him unpeel the mandarin.

Sam's Club

One thing I love, besides the healthy (and some organic!) options I found at Sam’s Club was that since I buy in bulk I shouldn’t have to worry about snacks for a long time. Right? This will get me through the stressful holidays. A one-time stop shop is what I need. I really do not like going grocery shopping and this time of year (especially now that’s cold!) I really don’t like it.

Hubby laughed at me when he saw how many carrots I bought, but seriously C’Man loves them and I have to stop him from eating too many. ha!




Before I left for my shopping trip, I checked out Sam’s Club Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can grab the app like I did. It has a lot of great info and is where I got the idea for cutting up fruits and veggies ahead of time. Another time-saver is making as much ahead as you can. This can include freezing cookies and preparing weekly dinners.

Healthy Living app

How do you live #SimplyHealthy?


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  • Thank you for this great tip. I homeschooled my twins and remember them always being hungry. Both my twins are still home and adults and they still say they're hungry all the time.
  • My little ones are always hungry too (or so it seems!). Sam's Club is the only place I can buy snacks to keep them happy and not have to run to the store every other day. #client

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