Starting to think about Summer Travel

campingThere is a small campground not very far from our house. Last summer Hubby took the big boys out for a night of tent sleeping and marshmellow roasting. P’Diddy and I joined them for a few hours then went back home to bed. Ever since that night, every time we pass by this campground, P’Diddy yells I want the tent! I want the tent! I think they will be camping this year again and this time bringing their little brother. We’ll be checking out the offers and discounts on to see what we will need.

Another thought and a cross off on Hubby’s bucket list would be to rent an RV. He is a bit obsessed with the whole thought of travelling around the country in style. One day I’m sure he’ll talk me into it and the deals and savings on the caravan club will fit right in. The whole idea just makes me nervous!

What would I like to do? Well, I have a few weekend trips in mind. Just a few hours in the car to explore new beaches, visit plantations, go shopping, and maybe hike in the mountains with a little white water rafting. Yes, I don’t need campgrounds and RVs. Hotels and comfy beds work well for me!

Are you starting to think about summer travel?



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