Sprig Dolphin Explorer Boat

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Welcome! Let’s start off this great event with Beach Toys! Kids are always first, right? You’ll love this little Sprig Dolphin Explorer Boat.


What makes Sprig such a cool toy company? They use springwood! Which is…


We love dolphins at our house! It is actually O’Bear’s favorite animal and he loves collecting them, reading about them, and watching any show or movie about dolphins. He’s a bit addicted. The Dolphin Explorer Boat has been on my must-get-someday list as I knew it would be a great loved toy at our house….or when we head to the beach!

 In these pictures it is P’Diddy who is hogging the boat…he had so much fun carting in and out of the water. The extra accessories – the dolphins and captain it comes with are a fun addition, but they had to stick to the sand as not to get carted off to the big sea.

Sprig definitely makes my favorite kind of toys ~ eco-friendly, made locally in US & Canada, and full of adventure!

Any of their Trucks, Scuba, or Gliders would be lots of fun for the beach!!

Sprig Dolphin Explorer Boat

Sprig Dolphin Explorer Boat

WIN a Sprig Dolphin Explorer Boat! 

(On Amazon right now at $18.96)

If you can’t find Sprig products anymore check out Green Toys!

Good Luck!
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