How We Use Spectrum Test Prep Workbooks

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carson-Dellosa Spectrum Test Workbooks. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

When I homeschooled last semester it really made me pay attention. We were part of an online virtual school program, so we still had state requirements just like the public schools. Working side by side with my fifth grader O’Bear allowed me to see not only daily work up close, but now I was the one in charge of helping study and administer quizzes and tests.

I was always just as nervous as he was taking these!


Did you know there is a company with Test Practice and Test Prep workbooks? Yes!

Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group was founded by teachers and has a 35-year history as the leading supplemental education provider for teachers, parents and students. They carry grade-specific workbooks designed to help students prepare for standardized tests, aligned with Common Core Standards, and learn how to become a successful test taker. Helping students learn how to follow directions, understand different test formats, budget their time wisely and include helpful strategies for avoiding common test taking mistakes are all great tasks to get that ‘step ahead’.

Spectrum Test Prep and Practice workbooks help students improve and strengthen their test-taking skills to boost their self- confidence!

Spectrum Workbooks

How we use our Spectrum Workbooks…

Find a quiet area. This is super hard to do at our house! But I make his siblings choose another floor to go play or head outside for a bit so O’Bear can have a little peace. TV off. My seventh grader likes a little music playing, but O’Bear does not!

Water within reach. My boys always have a glass or thermos of water nearby when they work – even in their public school classrooms. It keeps their mind on the task at hand and not thinking about if they are hungry/thirsty. At home we add a little snack to grab too.

Nice work space. Make sure there is plenty of elbow room. Pencils are sharpened, erasers are handy, and extra scratch paper nearby in case it is needed.

Find Subject to Study for the day. In front of the books are the subjects – Math, Language, Reading – and then the topics underneath. I usually let O’Bear decide what he’d like.


Today we were working on Punctuation. There were 6 Lessons, or pages in this section. After those are completed he takes the Sample Test. You’ll find pre-tests and mid-tests too to help track progress!

What we like. Taking standarized tests are not O’Bear’s favorite thing. He is now building confidence at home in his own environment before having to take them at school surrounded by his teachers and peers who may show a bit of anxiety themselves. We like how these workbooks help prepare him on what is to come and give him experience on the different type of questions there may be!

Do you feel that Test Prep workbooks may help your child?

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