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I am a book worm. I love a wide variety from historical romance to science fiction. I like reading what is on the best selling lists, even when they are for teens. From short stories to long series, you’ll find a lot on my bookshelf!

I always read at night before bed, but many days I’ll spend our quiet afternoons reading too. Recently, I read a book called Soul Sessions by Carson Gage.

Soul Sessions

An engaging journey of love and spiritual awakening. Nick falls into a deep depression after a life altering event. Just as it looks as though Nick’s life might end in suicide, enter Katrina DuMont, a gifted psychologist who is expert in both traditional and new age methods of treatment for depression. Together, using past-life regression techniques, they explore several of Nick’s prior incarnations, where he unwittingly discovers a beautiful woman who repeatedly appears as his lover and soul mate

Now I do not believe in reicarnation at all, but that doesn’t deter me from reading a fiction tale. The topic of true love is a curious subject for me. I think there is a special someone out there for all of us, but do we always find them? Here are a couple of passges from Soul Sessions that made me think about what being a soul mate means…

“…soul mates are eternal partners who come into our lives and remind us of our life plans. They often help us step out from behind the masks we’ve built for everyone else and challenge us to grow spiritually.”

“…soul mates are essentially magnetized with similiar vibrational frequencies. These draw attraction to each other and tirelessly seek to come together…”

The most unbelieveable part for me is that we live different lives – over and over again. In the book there is also an ‘in between’ stage where your soul waits. While my mind can’t comprehend this idea in reality, I think it’s fascinating to witness the creative ideas that the author comes up with. A world of imagination is okay with me in a book that makes you ponder life a bit. We all want to be happy!

In his therapy sessions Nick goes back to ‘see’ his soul mate in all his past lives to try and determine who she is in his current life so that he can be content. Does he find her? You’ll have to read to find out!

Grab the paperback or the Kindle version of Soul Sessions to add to your bookshelf!


 Do you believe in soul mates?

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