SoftBums Cloth Diaper



The SoftBums Cloth Diaper has become one of my favs. See why!


This is the diaper that I have wanted to try forever! I have finally gotten my chance and let me tell you that I am not disappointed. This diaper is everything that it has lived up to be and MORE!

I chose the Omni style for my growing toddler. It fits up to 40lbs! A toddler diaper that also fits newborns. How can that be you ask? Because of the patent pending Slide2Slide adjustable leg feature that fits 4″-14″. Cool, huh?

Other features I love…

Super strength velcro. When P’Diddy was a baby, velcro was all I liked. As it began to wear out, my thoughts changed and I only bought snaps. I loved trying out a velcro diaper again and was reminded how EASY and FAST it is to change a diaper!

SoftBums just introduced snaps too! So don’t worry Mamas. There is something for everyone!


Huge pocket opening. I own mostly pockets and I hate stuffing. I have to squeeze my hand into a small opening most of the time. The Omni has a great big opening to easily slide in the insert and snap into place. It’s very nice and makes stuffing go faster.


Pod options. I received a Dry Touch Pod that has 4 layers of absorbent microfiber and are topped with creamy soft microfleece. It IS soft and thick! I feel comfortable with him wearing it for a few hours, where I have other diapers I really have to watch the time.

You can add a Mini Pod for even more absorbency or I would like to buy a heavy duty Super Pod to use for nighttime. I’ve been bad about nighttime as he gets older and am shying away from cloth. This pod would be a better answer!

Organic Bamboo Pods also available.


A diaper that has it all. The Omni can be used as an AI2 and snap an insert in place, a pocket to stuff, or a cover with a prefold. Wow! Love options!


Be sure to check out SoftBums and their other style diaper the Echo! You can’t go wrong with these diapers! Find on Amazon.


I received this diaper for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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