SnackTaxi Sandwich Bag Review


snackTAXI will always be a company I never forget. They introduced me to the world of reusable sandwich and snack bags. I believe I found them in a magazine. Kiwi maybe? A parenting one? Goodbye Ziploc I thought!

This was a few years ago and the concept had to be new to many people. I remember going right on to their website to check them out. I was in awe. Not only because I found a great solution to making my family more green but their bags were so CUTE!

This was our first one!

 Now that I have this blog and I’m able to share all my favorite products with you I was very excited to contact snackTAXI to tell them how much they mean to me and they were nice enough to send me both a Sandwich Bag & a Snack Bag to show off to you today!

The boys were very excited for their bags. Giraffes are a favorite in our house and we even got some Hawkeye colors black/gold (go Iowa!) which is cool that I happened to be sent ones that were just right for us. Thanks snackTaxi!

While they definitely love their guitars they wanted something new because you see we use these bags EVERYDAY. Yep we do. Both boys have to bring an extra snack to school each day. These bags are the perfect for that. Can you imagine how many plastic bags we have saved from being dumped in the landfill?

We also use them for our sandwiches at lunch time, to bag our chips up, hold our cookies and our grapes. They are wonderful and get so much use!

Like I said we’ve had our guitar bag for over two years now and it is still in wonderful condition. One thing I really like about it is the PUL lining inside (it is lead, phthalate and BPA free!) so it is easy to wipe clean again and I don’t have to wash after every use.

As I visited their website again for writing this post I noticed that they had a couple of other eco-friendly items that would be great to have in your house…

Cloth Napkins!
Produce Bags!

So go check out snackTAXI! or on Amazon!

They have so many cute options but that is not even the important part.

Get rid of those Ziploc bags!

Tell me ~ Do you use resuable cloth bags at your house?

Giveaway coming at the end of April in a BIG Mother’s Day Event!

So Stay Tuned!

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