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Ever since Hubby and I received a ‘good’ memory foam mattress last year I’ve felt guilty. My kids are not sleeping on anything worth bragging about and with a Chiropractor in the family I feel like we should be setting a good example.

Everyone in my house now wants to sleep on my bed. With the expense of one ‘good’ mattress times four beds it was never an expense we could afford. Brand names like Tempurpedic are a dream. Then we were introduced to Novosbed and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned.


Memory foam is great for your back. Period. It relieves pressure points. I learned last year that it is the top selling type of mattress at the big brand stores. In fact, it is the only type of bed that Novosbed sells. They believe in it and will GIVE you the opportunity to believe in it too.

Yes GIVE you a 120-days 100% risk free trial. Free shipping to your house. Free shipping if you need to return.


There are four types of mattresses you can choose from. All options are listed clearly on their site for you to make the best decision for your family. Today I’m going to chat about the Sonata because that is the one we chose for C’Man. My oldest got a new bed and we were pumped! 2 down. 2 more to go.

The Sonata is pretty firm to me. Novosbed calls it medium-firm on their scale. Not at the very top, but close. It has the bounce-back type of foam. Not the kind where you put your hand down and the imprint stays down, but this bounces immediately back. Firm(er).


It is 11″ thick. Mostly filled with the foam, but the Sonato has a unique property to fill the rest – gel. What also sets it apart is NovosFlow which is an air flow layer between the memory foam and the support foam that promotes air circulation throughout the mattress. NovosFlow is designed to ensure your mattress stays a comfortable temperature throughout the night. I hate being hot when I sleep. Don’t you?


C’Man was so excited about his new bed that he blogged about it right away on his blog. Like mother like son. 🙂 He knows when something is good you should shout it out!

Many days I’ll find him curled up cozy in bed reading in his new favorite spot. Now this is a change! It has also become the center of the room for play with his brothers. They all want to take part in the new luxury. Sleepovers! Animals invited too.


Now the one fact that I’ve just been dying to share with you is how Affordable these mattresses are! They can do this because there is NO middle man. Everything is done online through the company itself. No, you can’t test it out at the store, but that is why there is a 120-day free shipping policy remember? Another thing I love – they are made right in the USA. Pennsylvania in fact.

I challenge you to research Novosbed with the top name brands that they compare to. You will be surprised and will want to try one out for yourself. Go ahead. I know we’ll be looking for our last two ‘good’ beds here!

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I partnered with Novosbed for my review. All opinions are definitely my own.

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