Sleep Number m9 Memory Foam Mattress Review

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We have been Sleep Number Wannabes for years.

I remember heading into a store a decade ago to test the beds to determine our Sleep Number digit. We’ve gone in many times since then to browse and dream about sleeping on one every night.

Chiro Hubby recommends them to his patients who ask what the best mattress to buy is. Though he had never slept on one, he has done this research and likes what Sleep Number is all about.

It’s the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality.
In studies, 93% of participants reported back pain relief. The Sleep Number bed gently cushions your body to more properly support your back and spine, and helps reduce uncomfortable pressure points.


The first step in determining if Sleep Number is for you is to visit one of their local Select Comfort stores to have a Sleep Professional guide you through the exclusive IndividualFit 3-D Imaging to find your Sleep Number. (plus, mention you were checking out their website to get a FREE travel pillow!)

You can make an appointment or not. We arrived at our store on a Thursday morning, thinking it would be a slow time, but they were busy and glad we had ours scheduled.

As we were waiting for our salesman, Mike, to finish with another shopper, we made ourselves comfortable. Hubby tested out the m7 Memory Foam which was the closest bed they had to the one were were getting. P’Diddy had fun with the remote control, and I checked out their All-Natural Lycocell Bedding which is on sale at 50% off!

I was giddy with excitement to determine my Sleep Number!

Mike laid us down and started talking. Everyone’s body is different and instead of forcing our body to adjust to a mattress, we can adjust the mattress to fit US by decreasing the pressure points in our body. This happens with a little remote. With the push of a button we can instantly firm up, or soften, the mattress with specially engineered air chambers they call their exclusive DualAir™ technology.

This special bed in the store is hooked up with sensors to show us the immediate effect. The screens show live images of the high and low pressure points in our body. Our job was to get comfy and let the bed contour to us.

Each mattress has two individually adjustable chambers and a Firmness Control™ system  to allow each of us our own side of comfort. In other words,  Hubby and I had our own Number. When we felt it was the right support for us we stopped the remote and determined our exact Sleep Number. We could instantly see the changes of the colors on the screen!

My Number was 35 and he was 55. Did you know 9 out of 10 couples disagree on mattress firmness? We definitely do as you will hear about in a minute.

Mike then explained that the thicker the mattress is, the more the Number will go up. We were getting a pretty thick one and he explained that our number would probably be a little different at home.

I couldn’t wait to try it out!


Our Sleep Number m9 Memory Foam Bed arrived.

Two installers arrived with it. They carried up my bed in many boxes and proceeded to put it altogether. This was definitely not a normal bed!

We had them bring a new base with them, though the mattress should fit any frame/bed you already have. They also have an awesome FlexFit Ajustable option where the bed actual moves up and down into a reading position. We can upgrade to that any time we want.

These guys were friendly, fast, and knew what they were doing. They had a system and worked until it was complete. They quickly showed me the instruction book, warranty info (20 years!), the way to work the controller, and off they went.

It was just me and the bed. ahhhhhh! Excitement was here.

This was the first picture I took with my phone. P’Diddy instantly jumped up there and…

 “Mom, I can’t jump!”

I instantly started laughing. “No son you can’t. It’s memory foam” ha ha ha!

Let me tell you about the m9 Memory Foam – designed and crafted in the USA.

A 13-inch elegant bed offers their highest memory foam profile:

  • Sleeping Surface: Temperature balancing sleep surface is designed to absorb excess heat that can disrupt sleep. Luxuriously soft fabric made from natural fibers keeps you comfortable all night long. Includes antimicrobial protection for lasting freshness.
  • Memory Foam: 5-inches of LuxFit™ foam softly cushions pressure points and features a breathable air-flow design (this is that big piece you see the installers adding in the big picture above).
Mike had told us that the memory foam mattress was his number one selling bed. We were getting the best!

Are you ready to hear the nitty gritty?

Night 1. I slept at a 40. I was very very comfy. Once I laid down, I didn’t even want to move, though it wasn’t a position I usually fell asleep in. My whole body was just so relaxed.

With that said, I didn’t sleep well. It felt like the ‘first night away from home in a bed that wasn’t my own’. You know that feeling? I found out that memory foam isn’t the easiest to turn and move in.  Maybe I needed to go up in my Number. I probably just needed to get used to it.

Night 2 and on. I slept at 45 and never looked back. I love going to bed. I love taking my remote and checking to see if I want to try something other than 45. I did change it a night or two, but always go back to 45. It’s my Sleep Number. I lay down and don’t want to get up.  That issue about me not being able to turn well? I quickly got used to the memory foam and now I don’t have any issues and it feels like normal. My bed. My awesome bed.

I wake refreshed and happy. I can totally tell that I slept soundly and deeply. Now, if I could just get my almost three old to sleep through the night, every night, I would be one thrilled mama.

oh, and I want to share how nice it is to have a mattress that doesn’t creak when we get up or change positions. SO nice!

Now Hubby, I’m guessing you want to hear about him and how he is doing.

I don’t even know what to say about him. He won’t commit to a Sleep Number. He loves that little remote control and wants to change things up all the time. He sleeps anywhere from 65-85 and may wake up in the night to change it again.

It’s not that he doesn’t love his new mattress. He does. But he loves being in control even more. Is that normal? Probably not. I will also tell you that he sweats when he sleeps and he does not now. Is it because the weather is cooler? Maybe. I think it’s the bed and the temperature balance kicking in to make him cooler. Only time will tell, but this is a great feature!

As for the kids. We can’t keep them off. They have to spend their daily reading time in our bed. They bring it all the way down to 5, or the taco, as I have come to call it because they sit so low. Like a hammock. A nice comfy hammock that you never want to leave. That is our bed.

 Wow that was a long post for me! So much to say!

Hope you enjoyed  it and have learned something about Sleep Number.

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I received the Sleep Number bed for review. All opinions are my own.


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