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Sleep Nolah Mattress and Be Ready for Adventure

When two adventurous people with sleep backgrounds come together, a Nolah Mattress is created. Right here in Colorado, the state full of adventures, a new mattress has been designed. A mattress guaranteed to make you sleep so well, that you’ll be refreshed and ready for your next expedition.

As we get older, we especially realize how much a good support mattress is needed. It can change you like night and day! My mom has been living with back, shoulder and neck pain for years and does a variety of things to help it. She visits a chiro regularly, has daily exercises geared towards those spots, uses essential oils for relief, and gets the occasional massage to knead it out. All along I’ve been telling her, you need a new mattress. The way you sleep is so vital to your body health! When Nolah Mattress offered my family a mattress to test out, I knew instantly where it should go.

Nolah Mattress

My mom’s mattress arrived in a box. Yes a box! Right to her front door. She loves telling her ‘unbox’ story. It goes something like this….

The box sat in her living room for a few days because she needed help lifting it to her room. She finally couldn’t stand it anymore and knew help was coming the next day, so she decided to unbox it herself. The mattress comes out in a tightly wrapped wad and slowly starts to unravel and thicken up. She was watching tv and of course had to test it out, so lays down on the mattress and watches her shows. She ended up falling asleep on it for the whole night! She woke up refreshed and wondered to herself if she should just keep it in the living room since it was so comfy to watch tv on too!

Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress

It did make it to her bedroom and the foundation later that day. Let me share a bit about the 3-layered Nolah Mattress:

The Base Layer is made with 7 inches of high density, super durable, foam.

The Support Layer is 1 inch of specialty latex-like Avena® foam. It’s stronger than Latex and also provides a healthy and responsive bounce to keep you sleeping all night.

The top Comfort Layer is 2 inches of their innovative pressure relief Nolah Air Foam. It’s packed with billions of microscopic air pockets.

Nolah Mattress

The mattress is made to sleep cool (so important I think!) and contours better to your body’s shapes and curves. In fact, Nolah’s Mattress is one of a kind, they don’t have different soft-hard types to choose from. It’s a ‘medium’ firmness and contours to every body shape and size, ensuring the ideal combination of support and bounce for a perfect sleep every night – for everyone.

The Premium Natural Viscose Cover is made with the best, natural Viscose yarns that wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat. It’s very soft!

Love this – the cover design itself is inspired by nature and our Colorado mountains. It symbolizes the sun rising above the horizon and the curvy silhouettes of the mountains below.

Nolah Mattress

Now let me tell you WHY you should try a Nolah Mattress. Don’t spend time going from one mattress store to another. With a free easy return policy how can you go wrong? Listen to this.

You get a FREE 120 nights home trail period! Sleep for 4 months on it and return it for FREE if you don’t love it. Any return they get is donated to a local charity ensuring it will still go to good use.

Their prices are very affordable since the middle man is cut out. You won’t find a Nolah Mattress in a fancy showroom or being sold by a commission paid salesman. For a third of ‘normal’ retail price you can buy right online.

Nolah Mattress

Now for my favorite part. For every mattress sold, Nolah will adopt an endangered American animal of YOUR choice through their charity partner Defenders of Wildlife. Choose from 23 different ones! My mom chose the dolphin with her grandkids help. They love their sea animals! Nolah Mattress calls it Sleep with a Purpose – sleep well knowing you are also doing something good for the planet. Love it!

My mom is sleeping like a baby, as she would say, but more importantly she can really tell a difference with those aches and pains she deals with. Nolah Mattress is right for her. Check out their website reviews and you’ll find lots of praise from all over the country. Are you looking for that right mattress too?

Visit – sleep awesome and be ready for your next adventure!

Use BEACHMAMA75 during checkout and save $75 off any Nolah size!!

Try RISK-FREE for 120 nights in your own home.

WIN a Nolah Mattress in your choice of size!

Mattress Giveaway –

I partnered with Nolah Mattress who sent my mother a mattress in exchange for this post. All opinions are definitely ours and links may be affiliate. This giveaway is run by Nolah Mattress with the Gleam Widget and they are responsible for sending out the prize. Will end on Sept. 18, 2016 at midnight MST. Open to USA.


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  • Wow. This Nolah mattress sounds like it's really wonderful. Having one of these mattresses would replace our 20+ year old mattress and would be such a great improvement. I'd especially like to wake feeling refreshed and not hurting as much as I do after a night on our current mattress.
  • This looks like an amazing mattress. I'm sure my kids will love crashing Mommy's and Daddy's bed even more!
  • This would help my daughter so much since she has a spinal cord injury and seems to get overheated in bed all the time. Hopefully this would help her stay cool and get a more restful night!
  • This would be great for making our younger son more comfortable sleeping at night, he really needs a new bed that fits him and would help him sleep through the night (he tosses and turns a lot) so he needs a lot of space.
  • Our mattress is just too firm for me, I think the top Comfort Layer and soft cover on this Nolah would help me as far as sleep goes.
  • The Nolah mattress would allow me to get a good night sleep with out waking up hurting through out my body. the mattress I have is about 12 yrs old and I wake up sore and in pain every day. I would love to have a new mattress made by Nolah.
  • I suffer from chronic back and neck pain, so it can be hard to get comfortable in my bed. I could benefit from a Nolah mattress because it sounds like it would give me the support and comfort I need to get a good night's rest.
  • This would be such a life changer! My current mattress is so uncomfortable.I have had it forever and you can feel every spring.I have to sort of wedge myself in between 2 springs to sleep somewhat comfortably.Needless to say,I don't get much quality sleep with all the tossing and turning and readjusting.Definitely looking into trying one of these mattresses!
  • This mattress sounds wonderful! 3 layers of foam make it sound so durable and comfy, it sounds like it would last for years. This would replace our mattress that we have had for about 11 years.
  • This looks so comfortable. I think I would get better sleep with a more comfortable mattress because the one we have is not exactly the most comfortable. It's horrible when aches get worse instead of better.
  • I have been looking at mattresses just like this from other companies. Thanks for featuring Nolah. I have arthritis and back pain. A new mattress like the Nolah would help me wake up pain free and ready to conquer the day. A new mattress might give me my life back!
  • I would love this because, well, mattresses wear out. And it is time, I am old, and need some good sleep for a change!
  • I would sleep better with the Nolah mattress because the pressure on my hips would be better and I would have the peace of mind of knowing that it's made in the USA.
  • Maybe the new mattress/springs wouldn't squeak so I could get some sleep and my husband wouldn't wake up when I get up at night.
  • Now that is cool that it comes in a box but better than that she feel asleep and sleep the whole night that is a good mattress!
  • This sounds like an amazing mattress, I love that it sleeps cool! :) I definitely think this mattress would help me get a better night of sleep, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and need a mattress than contours to my body.
  • my husband tosses and turns so much...i bet this mattress would give me a good nite;s sleep for once.
  • This would be great for both hubby and I - he will stay cool and I will stay warm! Plus no having to decide on a soft mattress for me or a hard on for him! This is right in the middle!
  • Our mattress is about 12 years old and we paid a ton of money for it. In the beginning it was very comfortable but now I can't wait to wake up and get out of it. A new mattress for me would be awesome but even our guest room could use a new one. When my best friend comes to visit she sleeps on our couch because she does not like the mattress. I love that they offer a 120 day trial period too.
  • I like that the mattress would contour to my body - I wouldn't keep waking up from neck or shoulder discomfort!
  • I'm always having trouble sleeping, hot most all the time I sleep with a ceiling fan and another fan plus central air, and I still don't sleep under the cover. I believe this would help me stay cooler where I could go to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer..
  • Oh boy! I always have trouble sleeping.... Hence why it's past midnight and I'm still awake. Plenty exhausted as a mother to five kids ages 11 and under. Plus, we're adding 3 foster daughters to our family this week so I'll need all the help I can get so I can be well rested and have enough energy to chase after 8 kids!
  • I'd love to win this for our grandson. He has a good mattress, but he loves the high end mattress we sleep on. I think he would love this one!
  • I've always had problems sleeping at night and would love to give this mattress a try. Seems like the layers of foam would make for a very comfortable bed!
  • I think the support this mattress would provide would be greatly helpful seeing as I'm now 40 and finding it harder and harder to sleep comfortably.
  • I have a pillow top mattress which has started to sag after only 5 years and has become uncomfortable. I paid a lot for it and am very disappointed. The older I get the more aches and pains I have so I could definitely use a new mattress which I think would help tremendously. I would love to give this mattress a try.
  • I love that it's a soft mattress. I do like sleeping on a hard/stern mattress. This would alleviate discomfort throughout the night.
  • This would really help as my mattress is caving in and needs to be replaced. It is lopsided so I roll towards middle of bed. With this new mattress I could get some great sleep!
  • I would sleep a lot better at night compared to how i sleep now waking up with lot's of backache feeling like i need a walker and i'm only in my thirty's my bed is so uncomfortable i toss and turn & barley get sleep for a week i was so exhausted from getting up so much that i slept non stop for a week not that it made it any better either ,i'm still waking up in pain.
  • This mattress would help me sleep and live better because it would provide my back with better support and more comfort. The comfort layer sounds great. This would help me stop tossing and turning so I can feel more rested.
  • i like that it has a support layer that would help me sleep better as it would make me feel comfortable during sleep.
  • My current mattress is about 15 years old, the support is gone. I think a new Noah mattress would give me that support i need for a great night's sleep
  • I believe that the Comfort Layer feature of this mattress would benefit the occasional stiffness and soreness in my shoulders and back.
  • I have always slept on a spring mattress and thought that waking up in the middle of the night multiple times was a normal thing. I've shopped around the mattress stores and did not find anything that I loved and the prices have gotten so high. Honestly, it's pretty confusing, so I'd love to win this
  • the bed i sleep in when i wake up my back n neck is hurting and i tose n turn this bed would help me sleep n wake up new
  • I sleep on my couch right now i dont have a bed yet i could really use thus i have 2 slipped diisks in my back this would be so comfy thanks for this awesome giveaway
  • My current mattress is too small for me. I'm having all sorts of back and neck issues as well. This mattress would save my life.
  • Tell us a bit about how a new Nolah mattress would help you sleep and live better :) you should see my mattress..i really need one thanks
  • Amazing giveaway! Would be so grateful for a new Nolah mattress. We bought a new one 2 years ago, and it's terrible! Would be a blessing. Tysm for the chance
  • A new mattress would be a blessing mine is so old and lumpy it would be so terrific to have a great night sleep. My husband has had 3 back surgeries so this would be huge for him we cant afford a new mattress. thanks for the chance.
  • I always get hot in my bedroom at night so this mattress would help me stay cool to sleep better and a comfortable sleeps.
  • I honestly do not sleep sometimes. My hormones are crazy whacky all the time. When I do not sleep well I feel like a zombie all day long. Just laying down cuddling on a soft mattress and getting some valuable sleep at my age is needed. When I take care of my nephew he is up at midnight sometimes.
  • Last year I had the opportunity to replace just the box spring I'd been sleeping on, and I was amazed how much of a difference that made for my back. I imagine I'd be in just that much better shape if I also had a new mattress! :D It would especially be nice to be able to sleep near the edges instead of having a saggy mattress that rolls my wife and I into each other in the middle of the bed!
  • I am in dire need of a new mattress. Mines has the metal coils sticking out already. I've seen these boxed mattress around, but am uncertain of their quality and durability. Having heard your mom's story I am more inclined to believe. After a certain age you feel parts of your body you didn't know existed. In today's market mattresses are very expensive and you just have 2 be sure you are getting a good quality mattress. If your mom could fall asleep and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and great, then so can I.
  • I love the Premium Natural Viscose Cover. I get so hot at night even with just a sheet and I think this covering would be a help to keep me cool
  • We really need a new mattress. Ours is OLD and my sweet husband has back problems. This mattress could help us both get a better night's sleep and be in less pain!
  • I could definitely use a new mattress. Mine kills my back, but is perfect for my wife... Time to get my own bed!
  • I think it would help all my aches and pains, It would especially help with my breathing and keeping me cooler. I am on oxygen and my mattress is 30 years old. Thanks!
  • this bed looks amazing! it would help me sleep and live better by letting me sleep soundly through the night instead of waking up on an old mattress.
  • we could really put this to good use - our current mattress has a significant sag, and we're not in a place financially to replace it. so this would really help out a lot.
  • I purchased a well known mattress with very high expectations about 12 years ago and what a disappointment. So I have been researching different mattress companies and found Nola and I'm very interested!! And love how they are affordable but high quality!! :)
  • I would love to surprise my brother with this mattress as a gift... I know he can't afford one although he desperately needs a new one. His current one is ancient.. plus it's a hand-me-down!
  • This mattress would change my life! My current mattress makes my lower back and neck hurt! Every single day I wish for a new mattress! Thanks for the chance!
  • I work a very physically demanding job at a hospital doing overnight shifts, so sleep is very important to me. My current mattress is horrible and I usually toss and turn several times before I can fall asleep. A Nolah mattress would really help me sleep better and wake up feeling less pain!
  • this will help me sleep better because it wicks away moisture and dissipates excess body heat so I won't have as many uncomfortable night sweats
  • Our mattress is very old and worn out and it would help my husband a lot. He walks around 12 miles a day for the USPS and he needs good night of sleep which he currently do not have very much because of our mattress i could love to surprise him !
  • Sleep is SO important, and unfortunately my husband and I never quite get a good one! This could make all the difference. Better nights = better, healthier days. Thanks!
  • This mattress would make my life better because my 5 year old needs it, BADLY. We still have her in her day bed (toddler) and it's been time to get her into a Twin bed. I got her a Twin bed, just don't have a mattress. I don't even know where to start looking for one. Never bought a new mattress. Always had one that was given to me. My family would really appreciate this! Thanks for the chance!
  • I like that it is made to sleep cool and wick away moisture, that would make sleeping a lot more comfortable for me.
  • I love that this wicks away heat. Going through menopause and waking up with hot flashes several times a night is awful. In addition, I do not get restful sleep and wake up in the morning stiff and sore.
  • A new Nolah mattress would help me sleep and live better by improving my quality of sleep. Right now my sleep is bad, I've had many health problems along with adrenal fatigue and lack of sleep is a very big problem with that. Being that I have a 30 year old mattress, it could be a factor in impeding my sleep, so just having a new mattress would help tremendously. Thanks for a great giveaway!
  • The link did not work so I will comment here. The whole family will have a better life if my son gets this mattress as he will stop complaining about his poor sleep and discomfort. I just know this mattress will help him get a better night of sleep.
  • I need a new mattress with high density foam for support as I have a bad back, and the current mattress I have is old with warped springs. It would be Heaven to sink into softness and have the proper support I need for a really good night's sleep without pain or stress on pressure points.
  • Thank you for posting about this and bringing this company to my awareness. I'm only 42 years old, but I wake up every morning with so much pain, stiffness in my left foot and leg - sometimes I can't walk for a few minutes. Like your mom, I do everything I know to live healthy and still - so that makes me wonder if it's my mattress. It's very, very old and came from a thrift store and I want to replace it, but so far I just haven't had the funds to spend on a new one. I like this company and I am grateful your mom had a chance to change her life through receiving one!
  • I can really need a Nolah mattress , right now I am sleeping on an old futon and the mattress is terrible, I have a bar piercing in my back every night and I wake up in so much pain. I am just grateful for this opportunity to win a new one, thank you.
  • I would love to get a good nights sleep. My mattress is a mine field of lumps bumps and broken springs so this would be a world of difference and probably help my health too by allowing me to sleep for real. A new mattress would not only help my sleep, but my awake hours too I am positive, with better moods, better feeling body and a lot less pain in the mornings, which would be such a dream. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • First off I have all kinds of medical problems plus a very very bad back. One of the disc I broke healed wrong and there is a piece of bone sticking into my spinal column. They won't operate if fear it will paralyze me so I suffer. Next I haven't had a mattress to sleep on since '07 but that is a long story. So please please choose me so I can finally get a good night sleep.
  • i have a bad back so this would def help when i am sleeping i need something that will fit to my body
  • what a great mattress! This company sounds like it's doing everything right. The most important thing with mattresses is replacing them when they wear out, and I'd love to use this as my replacement mattress. I've heard a lot of great things about foam mattresses, and this one sleeps cool too, so that is another positive.
  • Among a few other things, I have chronic pain. I happen to be in need of a mattress... even though I think this one is still pretty comfortable, but since it's so old then it probably is part of the problem.
  • A new Nolah mattress would help us sleep better because I'm sure it would be more comfortable than our current mattress! I would be so excited to get this new mattress!
  • I need a new mattress pretty bad. Mine is over 10 yrs old. This mattress is so cool. Im sure my back would thank me if I had one of these. Thank you for the chance :)
  • this mattress sounds awesome! i really love that they provide a free trial and donate to help animals!
  • It would be great to sleep on new mattress that is cool and comfortable. Still have old spring mattress that needs replaced.
  • A new Nolah mattress would help me sleep and live better because my mattress hurts my back,neck and causes me migraines.I also have fibromyalga and it would relieve this for me.
  • My Queen Tempurpedic is 15 years old. I would love a cool night as promised on the new Nolah Mattress. Better sleep equals better waking hours and a more creative and productive life. I'm all in!
  • Our mattress is around 15 years old and starting to show its age. Would love to try a new foam mattress. Nolah sounds great!
  • A new Nolah mattress would be a God send, I have spinal problems and sleep is difficult. This would surely help.
  • Ok...truth be mattress is now, officially 17 yrs. old. I tell myself everyday that it is so comfortable but I wake up tired, sore, & aching. This Nolah Mattress, which I had never heard of until I saw your post, looks like a dream come true. Three layers of comfort would finally give me a real reason to go to bed early, sleep all night in comfort, & be a really nice, rested person. Those everyday tasks & my visits to dad in the nursing home will be so much more positive with a good night's sleep on a Nolah Mattress.
  • This mattress sounds wonderful. It sounds so much better than the old spring type of mattress we have now.
  • Our mattress is getting lumpy. A new nolah mattress would be wonderful and give me a much smoother and lump free sleep. Maybe I wouldn't wake with every move my humble!!
  • My mattress is old and dilapidated! In dire need of a new one. This looks beautiful and very comfy. My old bones cant take the one I have any more.
  • My older brother has crippling arthritis and is blind . His mattress is very old and It would be great to win this for him. It would make a difference in his comfort , That alone would help me, Im not trying to use a pity story like some do. I was just answering the Question with a honest answer. I love my brother , He has Iived here with my family and i going on 11 years now , His confort matters to me.
  • I would love to try a Nolah mattress. Everything I've read has been positive about their mattresses. I would love to be able to lay down on a bed thats not to soft/hard. It would definitely be a nice change!
  • I need a mattress because mine is over 10 years old! I suffer from back pain constantly and have many other health issues. I just started receiving my SS in Febuarary after a 2-year battle but I don't know how they expect anyone to live off what i receive. My youngest son which is 24 now started caring for me when he was 22yr and has made sure I have had food, clothes, my 36 medications and making sure all my bills were paid while he was commuting back and forth from NY on his days off to make sure I made it to all my doctor appointments. In June he found a new 2 bedroom apartment and relocated me to NY which should be better for my COPD which I have to stay on oxygen. He has really stepped up as the youngest to care for me and told me what was I to do you needed help and my brother and sisters weren't offering to help. He has been my hero and, without him I don't know what I would have done. He has definitely gone beyond the call of duty of any child and at such a young age. He says he will buy me a new mattress when he recovers from upgrading his apartment and the cost of relocating me but it would be really nice to remove that burden and WIN a NEW MATTRESS from NOLAH!
  • Thanks for the Giveaway! I would love to win a Nolah Mattress! I sleep with a fan at the foot of bed! I overheat badly!
  • Oh, my!! This would be such a blessing for me and my husband. We have been recently talking about our mattress and how old it is. We both have very bad back problems and our mattress is like a mountain, high in the middle and sagging on both sides. We literally roll out of bed and when we have to turn over facing the middle we have to help each other roll over. It is so funny, like a cartoon. Then there is a the problem that I have with menopause and heat flashes. Need I say more? I think getting a good nites sleep is so important and helps you have a more relaxed day, something me and my husband both could use. Thanks for the giveaway!!
  • So Awesome would LOVE a new Mattress! We have been searching for our forever mattress for a while now!!! But I was looking at your Facebook page and where the heck would I find that coffee coconut water?!
  • Our mattress is getting to be pretty rough and as the parents of a 7 month we need all the sleep we can get it! This would be amazing to win! We might not get a full nights sleep, but at least it would be comfortable! ;)
  • We need a new mattress because we are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Queen box springs won't fit up the stairs at our new house, and we can't afford to get a new mattress in a size we can fit up the stairs.
  • My husband and I have been using the same mattress since we got married several years ago and it hasn't held up well; it literally sags on both sides. I'd been seeing a chiropractor for years so I managed to get by, but my husband has had trouble sleeping through the night the entire time we've had it. Unfortunately, he recently started having back problems bad enough to seek treatment and has had to start seeing a chiropractor even tho we really don't have the money for it (i stopped seeing mine 9 months ago for that reason). I know a firmer, cooler mattress would make a huge difference for him, but we have a 5 month old daughter and won't be able to afford a new mattress for a long time. Even though we are getting less sleep already due to the new baby, winning this mattress would really help with his pain and sleep issues in a huge way! I know it would help me out as well since I've had a lot of aches and pains since becoming a mom. Thank you for offering this giveaway!
  • We really could use a new mattress. Our is over 15 years old and not comfortable, but something else is always ahead of replacing it on the needs list. The Nolah Mattress looks like it's a very nicely made mattress and we would be thrilled to have one.
  • We travel for work and a dependable mattress to come home to would be a blessing. Also my Chiro would be genuinely pleased for me as well.
  • My mattress is about 20 years old. Shocking, I know! We can no longer flip our mattress over as is suggested for this style of mattress because there is a spring or something in there that feels a bit pokey. Or perhaps I am the Princess from the Princess and the Pea.
  • Our mattress is over 20 yrs old! We also need a quality, supportive, comfortable mattress because my husband has 2 bad discs in his back. AND he usually works btw. 50-70+ hours a week on midnight shift and he needs a deep, renewing sleep to recharge! AND he deserves that too. Plus, we both have arthritis and noticed that with our old current mattress, we often feel achey and tired even after a healthy number of hours sleeping. Sometimes even when we're tired, it's hard to fall asleep when can't get comfortable or eliminate pressure spots on our bodies. We both noticed that we have to change our sleep positions OFTEN while sleeping because after a little while, body becomes too sore to stay in that position because of our old mattress.
  • Our mattress is fourteen years old and really needs replaced. However, my 14 year old son also needs a new mattress so it would be for him. He tosses and turns a lot in his sleep because he gets so hot from his current mattress. The Nolah mattress would help him sleep so much better! I love that they are environmentally friendly as well.
  • My mattress is really old, and if I went shopping for one I wouldn't know how to choose one, since there are so many types available these days. I like that they (Nolah) only have one type to choose from, eliminating the difficulty in mattress shopping. The Nolah mattress sounds great since it's affordable and is more environmentally friendly. I also like that it keeps you cooler than regular foam mattresses. The fact that they donate to a charity for endangered animals is another plus.
  • I just love that For every mattress sold, Nolah will adopt an endangered American animal of YOUR choice through their charity partner Defenders of Wildlife. How cool is that!!!!
  • We've had the same mattress for 24 years. I would love a new one! I think this would help me to not wake up feeling so stiff and sore. Maybe it would also help both my husband and myself to get a better nights sleep.
  • I would be so happy to win this mattress ,i co-sleep with my little baby and i would love to have a new mattress for us as I want only best things for my baby and mama needs some good rest !
  • I would hope it would reduce the shoulder and back pains I get when I'm sleeping and always wake up so sore .
  • My husband has trouble sleeping due to shoulder pain - I'd love to try a new mattress to help! I love how the Nolah mattress comes boxed. We live in an older home and damaged our stairs moving our last mattress in.
  • Looks like a lovely comfortable bed. We are ready to transition our little man into a full size bed, and he would be ecstatic for such a great bed.
  • We have a very old mattress and I would love to have this. I know it would help our back and we could get more rest.
  • I desperately need a new mattress but I just haven't been able to afford one. I horrible at night and wake up with back aches so this contest is a pray answer to my problem.
  • I still feel sleep deprived from having our toddler a couple of years ago. It doesn't help that our mattress stinks. We bought it hoping to replace it by now- but you know how that goes- our money seems to go other places!
  • I think the extra layers of support would help with my husbands lack of sleep due to back pain and the sleeping cool would help me.
  • I like the fact that the Nolah mattress contours to your body and keeps you cool at night. My bedroom is so warm that I have to use a fan. Hopefully this mattress would help with my back pain.
  • Back pain keeps me up often. A new, firmer mattress would be great to have and maybe give me some better nights.
  • I need this!!! My mattress is old and saggy and my back is killing me. This looks like a great mattress for a more restful sleep, I love that that Nola helps support wildlife through their charity donations, It would be great to sleep on my side again without pain.
  • My son has a heart transplant and his mattress is not a good one it dips in and is not comfortable for him he would love a new one for his bed.
  • My current mattress is 20 years old and I need a new one. This will help me get a better night's sleep. Thanks for the contest.
  • Would love to win this mattress! It sounds amazing! I have not had a bed in over 5 years and would be so thankful to win one!
  • I've been using the same mattress for 10 years. It's old & has caused horrible back issues. On top of that I co-sleep with my 3 year old. This would be such a blessing to win a new mattress. I'd love to be able to get a great night sleep again.
  • The mattress (I wont call the brand) is about 4 yrs old and though we paid a LOT of money for it, it has never been comfortable. We always wake up sore. To sleep on a comfortable mattress again would be a blessing.
  • It would help me so much . I wake up every night and morning with pains in my hip and back because my mattress is so bad and I can't afford a new one . My husband myself and my 3year old daughter share this bed and we never get any good sleep. This would help us finally get some sleep.
  • My mattress is very old and to the point where my husband and I are having back trouble. I would love to have a good nights sleep and her wonderful things about the Nolah Mattress...
  • My son sure could use a new mattress! He is 17 years old and sleeping on a hand me down mattress from a 10 year old, needless to say, he is a little big for it and it is a hand me down. He is due for a new one!
  • this would help me and my husband sleep so much better i have asthma and neck and back problems i wake up every morning with pain so i would really love to beable to sleep without pain and problem breathing
  • I believe it would help tremendously since I am sleeping on an 18 year old mattress. I'm sure it would make all the difference in how I feel everyday when I get up. Thank you so much for the opportunity and the wonderful information you provide everyone!
  • This would be helpful for me as I had to get rid of old bed and currently do not have one and have to sleep on couch. This bed woukd be so much more comfortable!
  • Actually looks like a mattress that wouldn't make you hurt. Hard to find a comfortable way to sleep after chemo and this just might be it. Good luck everyone and thanks for the chance to win one.
  • Everyone in my house all want to sleep in the same bed, including 2 60lb dogs. A new mattress might convince one or two to sleep on a new super comfy bed :) love that they adopt endangered animals.
  • Amazing! I have RA and I deal with pain on a daily basis. To think that changing mattresses would help with my pain is comforting. Love the fact that it is cooling as well. I'd love to win this!
  • I had polio as child and now have Post Polio and this mattress would help me with my Arithiritis and pain I have from the polio, this would give me a good nights sleep without having to be able to be comfortable at night
  • My husband and I have a hand-me-down mattress that is not so comfortable. I think it's time for us to step it up and get a good night sleep. This looks heavenly! :)
  • In the market for a new mattress! Would so love to try this 3 layered, made to sleep cool mattress. I also imagine it doesn't transfer motion so would be great! Thanks for the chance
  • My mattress is almost 20 and winning a new one would be amazing! After having my baby it's so hard to sleep with the back pain.
  • We are sleeping on a hand me down mattress from my in-laws, so a new mattress would be amazing! We are getting ready to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on the 22nd. What a great blessing this would be. Thank you!
  • Oh wow, it would be life changing. The mattress we have now, we have had for 20 years. It is still just as hard as the day we bought it. It kills my shoulders and back. What I wouldn't give to win this mattress. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
  • This would be so great for me and my husband. Our mattress is very old and worn so we both are having backaches every morning when we wake. After reading above about the Nolah Mattress it sure sounds nice and comfy!
  • I love the mattress in a box business model. Mattress shopping has become absurdly complicated. I like that I can take care of it with a couple of clicks.
  • My mattress is too firm and very old. Its a hand me down from my mother. We currently have a memory foam topper and that helps a little but we are in the market for a new one!
  • We currently have a sleep number bed which is a big piece of faeces. We wake up in pain every day. The Nolan bed sounds like the answer to our problems.
  • This bed sounds amazing and it's so hard to believe it can come packaged like it does! Hubby and I are currently sleeping on an old day bed mattress and I'd love to kick it to the curb. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to get a good night's rest!
  • Nolah Mattresses sound wonderful! They must be good if they offer 120 days to try it out! Love that they help endangered animals too so cool! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!
  • Our mattress is 18 years old - no lie! We got it when my son was a baby. So I would definitely get a better night's rest if I were the lucky winner. I hadn't heard of Nolah before but it sounds like they make a high quality mattress.
  • It would help me because I have lupus every joint in my body hurts, it tacks me hours to get to would mean a lot to me if I could win this please and thank you
  • I need a new mattress. I wake up every single morning with a sore back. I have heard really good things about this mattress and I think it would help.
  • We've been mattress shopping, and just can't afford the one we want right now. My guy and I have opposite schedules, and we're both starting to feel our years in our bones. I think a great new mattress might be life-changing!
  • It would really be great for my back...but my husband could use a change in mattress even more than myself. He always has back and neck issues and it seems like there are so many mattress options out there..none of which are affordable...and how can you tell which one is the right one?
  • This would be great for me because I think it would help since I get so uncomfortable being overheated on our current mattress.
  • I've been an insomniac for most of my life and know how important not just sleep is but getting the right kind of sleep. This awesome Nolah mattress would help me sink into a deeper more comfortable sleep! Thank you for the chance to win !
  • This looks like such a great mattress my husband and I both have bad backs and have been thinking about changing our mattress for a long time I do think it is time for us to make a change!
  • I think this would really benefit me because my mattress is a used mattress from I don't even remember and I've had it now about 5 years so who knows how old it is and I wake up with a aching back everyday. A new mattress would greatly benefit me in every way possible! Thanks!
  • My back tells me that I'm getting older every day! I've already started looking for a new mattress, maybe the looking is over, this one sounds wonderful.
  • I have had 4 back surgeries & sleep is already hard enough, but to have New comfortable mattress would be a blessing. I might finally be able to get comfortable to relax & sleep. Winning would be a blessing!! Thx
  • Starting to need a new matress, getting older with more aches and pains. This matress looks like it would help. Getting a good nights sleep really matters
  • This mattress looks perfect for my daughter who's growing up so fast. With all her physical activities at school, this would be perfect for a well rested night. Plus she loves animals so much, it would make her proud to own one of these environmentally responsible made mattresses.
  • Sounds like 7 inches of heaven. The last time I bought a mattress was when I was pregnant with my daughter. She is now 5 and my mattress is lumpy and terrible! The Nolah mattress sounds like a blessing!
  • This awesome Nolah mattress would help me sleep better after taking care of my autistic son every day Thank You for the chance
  • After fifteen years on the same mattress I would love to be able to replace it with a new one. I'm sure that we would both get a much better nights sleep, feel better when we wake up and have more energy. jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com
  • This would be life changing our current mattress is 12 yrs. old its time for a new one! We're constantly complaining of back pain.
  • The mattress that I have now is very old and worn out. It is very lumpy and it's hard for me to sleep at night. I keep waking up. A new mattress like this would be so awesome. I would finally be able to sleep through the night.
  • My mattress is old and much too firm. A new Nolah mattress would enable me to sleep more comfortably and help to eliminate the neck and back pain that I often experience.
  • Hopefully it will help with the aches and pains I have, similar to your mom. Love that they support endangered animals - imagine if more companies did that!
  • A new Nolah mattress would help me because I am getting older, just like you said in your post, and my back is always hurting when I wake up. This would enable me to get better sleep and probably be a more productive person throughout the day.
  • I have a very physical job. I also just turn fifty. I need all the help I can get when it comes to a good night sleep. This mattress sounds amazing.
  • I get very hot at night and cosleeping with our baby doesnt help, especially in the Texas heat. I could totally put the moisture wicking properties of this mattress to the test. Lol
  • Honestly if I won a new Nolah mattress, it would be a blessing! My husband and I don't own a mattress! My husband and I probably would definitely get a good nights sleep! Thanks so much for the chance!
  • The Nola Mattress would help me sleep better because I wake up hot while sleeping it's designed to keep you cool with it's "natural Viscose yarns that wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat." The top Comfort Layer with its 2 inches of innovative pressure relief Air Foam packed with billions of microscopic air pockets would also help support my body well.
  • We have an old and lumpy mattress that makes ya roll to the center. Very difficult on hubby at times since he had back surgery years ago. Sounds like this one would really help out! Thanks for the chance and for the review!
  • A new Nolan mattress would help me have a peaceful nights sleep something I haven't done since my accident 21 years ago it would help my back and neck be more relaxed and help me wake up and ready to conquer the day :) thx for the chance
  • A new Nolah mattress would help me sleep and live better by enabling me to get more restful sleep and have more energy during the day.
  • I really like this after reading the review about this great sounding mattress; You get a FREE 120 nights home trail period! Sleep for 4 months on it and return it for FREE if you don’t love it. Any return they get is donated to a local charity ensuring it will still go to good use.
  • I haven't had a new mattress in probably 10 years. There are some nights where I wake up and my back is hurting and I can't help but wonder if it's because I don't have a better bed. Always looking for something that will give me a good nights rest!
  • A Nolah mattress would help me sleep better as I have a chonic illness as well as just went through my 2nd cancer surgery and need a new mattress to help me get much needed rest to heal.
  • A Nolah Mattress would help me sleep better by giving me comfort and also the reassurance that i was being cradled into sleep by the best of the best.
  • Every night I wake up numerous times. My mattress is so old that it doesn't support my back the way it should. This would be such a blessing.

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