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When two adventurous people with sleep backgrounds come together, a Nolah Mattress is created. Right here in Colorado, the state full of adventures, a new mattress has been designed. A mattress guaranteed to make you sleep so well, that you’ll be refreshed and ready for your next expedition.

As we get older, we especially realize how much a good support mattress is needed. It can change you like night and day! My mom has been living with back, shoulder and neck pain for years and does a variety of things to help it. She visits a chiro regularly, has daily exercises geared towards those spots, uses essential oils for relief, and gets the occasional massage to knead it out. All along I’ve been telling her, you need a new mattress. The way you sleep is so vital to your body health! When Nolah Mattress offered my family a mattress to test out, I knew instantly where it should go.

Nolah Mattress

My mom’s mattress arrived in a box. Yes a box! Right to her front door. She loves telling her ‘unbox’ story. It goes something like this….

The box sat in her living room for a few days because she needed help lifting it to her room. She finally couldn’t stand it anymore and knew help was coming the next day, so she decided to unbox it herself. The mattress comes out in a tightly wrapped wad and slowly starts to unravel and thicken up. She was watching tv and of course had to test it out, so lays down on the mattress and watches her shows. She ended up falling asleep on it for the whole night! She woke up refreshed and wondered to herself if she should just keep it in the living room since it was so comfy to watch tv on too!

Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress

It did make it to her bedroom and the foundation later that day. Let me share a bit about the 3-layered Nolah Mattress:

The Base Layer is made with 7 inches of high density, super durable, foam.

The Support Layer is 1 inch of specialty latex-like Avena® foam. It’s stronger than Latex and also provides a healthy and responsive bounce to keep you sleeping all night.

The top Comfort Layer is 2 inches of their innovative pressure relief Nolah Air Foam. It’s packed with billions of microscopic air pockets.

Nolah Mattress

The mattress is made to sleep cool (so important I think!) and contours better to your body’s shapes and curves. In fact, Nolah’s Mattress is one of a kind, they don’t have different soft-hard types to choose from. It’s a ‘medium’ firmness and contours to every body shape and size, ensuring the ideal combination of support and bounce for a perfect sleep every night – for everyone.

The Premium Natural Viscose Cover is made with the best, natural Viscose yarns that wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat. It’s very soft!

Love this – the cover design itself is inspired by nature and our Colorado mountains. It symbolizes the sun rising above the horizon and the curvy silhouettes of the mountains below.

Nolah Mattress

Now let me tell you WHY you should try a Nolah Mattress. Don’t spend time going from one mattress store to another. With a free easy return policy how can you go wrong? Listen to this.

You get a FREE 120 nights home trail period! Sleep for 4 months on it and return it for FREE if you don’t love it. Any return they get is donated to a local charity ensuring it will still go to good use.

Their prices are very affordable since the middle man is cut out. You won’t find a Nolah Mattress in a fancy showroom or being sold by a commission paid salesman. For a third of ‘normal’ retail price you can buy right online.

Nolah Mattress

Now for my favorite part. For every mattress sold, Nolah will adopt an endangered American animal of YOUR choice through their charity partner Defenders of Wildlife. Choose from 23 different ones! My mom chose the dolphin with her grandkids help. They love their sea animals! Nolah Mattress calls it Sleep with a Purpose – sleep well knowing you are also doing something good for the planet. Love it!

My mom is sleeping like a baby, as she would say, but more importantly she can really tell a difference with those aches and pains she deals with. Nolah Mattress is right for her. Check out their website reviews and you’ll find lots of praise from all over the country. Are you looking for that right mattress too?

Visit – sleep awesome and be ready for your next adventure!

Use BEACHMAMA75 during checkout and save $75 off any Nolah size!!

Try RISK-FREE for 120 nights in your own home.

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I partnered with Nolah Mattress who sent my mother a mattress in exchange for this post. All opinions are definitely ours and links may be affiliate. This giveaway is run by Nolah Mattress with the Gleam Widget and they are responsible for sending out the prize. Will end on Sept. 18, 2016 at midnight MST. Open to USA.

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