Shopping for Gift Cards at BI-LO Triple fuelperks

I discovered something really great today. I already knew about BI-LO Triple fuelperks Bonus Rewards program, but I didn’t know what an AWESOME selection of gift cards you can buy at BI-LO. How do those two things go together you ask? Let me tell you!

BI-LO Triple fuelperks bonus Rewards

Baby and I headed to BI-LO today because it was the beginning of the new sale week. The TERRIFIC rewards this week includes Triple fuelperks! when you purchase ANY gift card worth $50. This means $.15 off per gallon of gas!

I was pretty excited for this deal, but what I didn’t except was the HUGE selection of gift cards!! You pick ANY store – online or off – restaurants, travel, anything at all and I bet there is a gift card at BI-LO for it! My mouth actually dropped as I viewed the rows of options!

BI-LO Triple fuelperks bonus Rewards

I never even knew there was physical giftcards for Amazon & Ebay! Wow! With all of the Holiday shopping that I need to do, I grabbed a $50 gift card to Amazon.

Giving a gift card as a gift? Grab a drink at Starbucks every week? Shop Kohl’s amazing deals all the time? Buy a gift card and earn fuelperks! soooo cool!

We did end up grabbing a couple more items at BI-LO that we needed that day, but our big purchase and excitement was the gift cards!

Of course as soon as we were done shopping we drove down the street to the gas station to redeem our $.15 off a gallon in gas!! I pumped gas for less than $3.00 a gallon. When was the last time I did that?


What do you think? Are you impressed with BI-LO’s triple fuelperks! and the HUGE gift card selection?


Here is some additional info for you…(I feel like a lawyer!)

BI-LO Triple fuelperks bonus Rewards from 11/30/11-12/06/11.

fuelperks! are NOT issued on Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or BI-LO Gift Cards.

To find out more information about the fuelperks! program you can visit

In order to locate stations in your area participating in fuelperks! you can visit the BI-LO website and utilize the fuelperks! locator

EXAMPLE: If a customer spends $10 on a gift card, the spend triples to $30. If the customer purchases a $50 Gift Card, the amount triples to $150 and the customer receives $.15 off Per Gallon in fuelperks! Rewards.


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and all opinions are my own.

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