Science Doesn’t Lie #PowerofthePeanut

My hubby is a Science Health guy. He would love to debate with you on a number of topics – why chiropractic is needed for everyone, why you should not vaccinate and how your health today will effect the rest of your life. He will bring a lot of scientific proof to the table.

“Science doesn’t lie because it’s made of facts”

Planters Peanuts knows this. Check out one of the newest promotional videos. This one is called Nature’s Tiny Miracle and it made me smile!

These 30 seconds sum up what I try to tell you all the time on this blog – not all foods are created equal. Take snack bars for instance since I eat and share them all the time. Most ‘healthy’ snack bars on your grocery shelf have what ingredient in them? High fructose corn syrup. Go check I bet your favorite one does. I bet the package also boasts how nutritious it is for you. Maybe gives you lots of FIBER?

Some products can talk about being healthy, but do they really have the facts to back it up?

Check labels because Ingredients don’t lie. Do your research. Find out what that ‘natural’ label means. Is there a GMO hidden inside? Good product don’t just taste good, but are full of science. Don’t base your judgement on appearance, but on nutrition.

Facts win arguments. Winning arguments leads to Success. And Success means living better!

Who would have thought we’d get great advice from a peanut? 🙂

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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