Savvy Rest Organic Shredded Latex Pillow

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Let me introduce the Savvy Rest Shredded Latex pillow today.

Savvy Rest Natural Shredded Latex Pillow

I am in love. I finally have a real pillow. Hip hip hooray!

I owe it all to Savvy Rest who makes organic pillows, bedding, and mattresses, including their natural latex mattress. I know what you are thinking. Latex? It makes you think of Dr’s gloves right? Well this is natural and soft shredded latex using two processes called Dunlap and Talalay (click to learn more about that).

This intrigued me so I did a little research. Did you know that there was such thing as a Rubber Tree? Yep, a tree! That is where natural rubber/latex comes from. The tree is called Hevea Brasiliensis and it’s acquired through a method called tapping where the latex serum is collected from the latex ducts. The tree is not harmed at all in the process and can continuing produce for around 30-40 years.

Isn’t that cool?

Back to my pillow. A big box arrived…and it was heav-y! I wondered what they had put in there. One pillow! That’s all it was. Curious me, I instantly took apart the pillow to see what was inside. I was totally surprised! And I don’t know how to describe it to you. Soft flakes is the best way I can come up with. Sooooft.
I guess a lot of softness = heavy? 🙂

In case you’re worried if I ruined my pillow by taking it apart you are wrong. It comes in a zipper case so that anyone can remove the latex out it and customize the squishiness of the pillow. Some of us like it firm while others need a bit more bounce. And the cover itself is organic cotton. Love it!

Savvy Rest Natural Shredded Latex Pillow

I was afraid Hubby would want to try it first, but the nice guy that he is, hasn’t complained once since I haven’t given it up yet! ha! It is awesome. My head and neck finally have some support. I really think that I am sleeping better and Hubby hasn’t had to adjust me (he’s a chiro in case you didn’t know) as often because of the kinks in my neck all the time.

I also appreciate the fact that it is a wonderful sit-up-in-your-bed pillow. I spend my evenings on my laptop, sitting in bed, and this pillow is the best to lean back on. I am lovin’ it! Oh, did I say that already?

I’m excited that I get to give one of my BeachBums a standard size shredded latex pillow! (RV$89) Can’t wait to hear your cheers!

Savvy Rest Natural Shredded Latex Pillow

Good Luck!

Do you need a Savvy Rest Natural Shredded Latex Pillow?

Savvy Rest sent me a pillow for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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