Our Teak Roll Up Table is New Family Fixture!

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I didn’t really know I needed a portable Teak Roll Up Table until it arrived and I got to put it to use. Now I love this thing!


First of all, you can take it anywhere. Yes anywhere. Now I’m not going to lie and say it is super light because that is not the case. Hubby can carry it anytime he wants to…not that I can’t. 🙂

The legs come off, it rolls up, and into the nice fabric travel bag it goes. Woot!

 Teak Roll Up Table

It unpacks into a 30″ x 30″ table made of 100% teak wood. The Teak Roll Up Table really is fast and easy to assemble.

Keeps everything off the sand! Not only is it a great place to set down our drinks and snacks at the beach, but anything we need to be careful with – keys, sunglasses, etc. We really really love it!

Teak Roll Up Table

You don’t need a beach to be able to use it either. Bring it on picnics, sporting events (soooo handy for all our baseball and soccer games!), and even inside your house. Yes, you heard me, inside. This little table has almost become a permanent fixture in my living room.

We don’t have a coffee table so the kids have been using it to play games on or eat their meals while we watch a movie. Sometimes I roll it back up, but most of the time I scoot it to the side of the room until we need it again.

This table is going to get lots of use over the years! When it’s not needed it stores easily and doesn’t take up much space because you can lay it down or set it straight up to stick in a corner.

oh, and I hear it weathers to a beautiful grey patina.


Find your Teak Roll Up Table on Amazon!

What would you use your portable Teak Roll-Up Table for?

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