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What do you pack in the kids’ school lunches? I can’t wait to hear your ideas. This is the question I ask myself every night because even I get bored with what goes inside.

I will tell you that the first day back my boys were thrilled with their lunch! I cut up a chicken strip and put it inside a tortilla shell with lettuce and cheese to make a wrap.

This morning I bought bakery fresh rolls for sandwiches. I am always trying to come up with different ideas so that they want to eat lunch and not get tired of the same things.

My goal is to have a main entree ~ sandwich, wrap, soup, or salad. A fruit or veggie. Then dessert which is usually a sweet item I grab from Trader Joes ~ Joe Joes or cinnamon pita chips or something like that. This year my goal is to make homemade desserts as I have some ideas I’ve been wanting to try for healthy bars and cookies. So three items plus their snack they eat in the mornings during class.


Now what do I put their lunch in? I know many of you have been following me for awhile and know exactly what I use. Eco-friendly containers and reusable bags.

This week C’Man has been using our new Rubbermaid LunchBlox.

What makes it more unique then most things I use is the ice cube tray to snap the containers on top to keep cold. I also like how it has four slots for food. The biggest one is large enough to fit a good size sandwich and the smallest is perfect for sauces, nuts, grapes. I put small cookies in there.

Just snap the lids on and easily slide into your lunch bag. Nice! I was able to store the blue section in the fridge to be ready the next morning.

I think the different colors are fun too!

I’m ready to hear what you put in lunches!

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  • crackers, cheese, sandwiches. No, I don't pack the night before because everything seems to get a little soggy if I do.
  • I pack lunches in the morning. I usually pack blueberries, carrots and cheese because they are the favorites.
  • Pita and hummus or make-your-own mini pizzas, fruit, and yogurt or applesauce. I always pack the night before unless there's something that won't hold up well overnight.
  • I pack lunches the morning of so they're freshest. I like to include snack bars and cheese, besides a sandwich.
  • I usually pack the morning of. I have always been PB & J person, but like to pack crunchy veggies, pretzels, etc in there for the kid or myself.
  • Pb & honey, fruit, pb pretzels, juice & sometimes fruit snacks + a morning snack. I would love to have more variety but so far he has wanted pb & honey every day! Inalak at msn dot com
  • As a 911 dispatcher, my husband has to always eat at his desk since they never get to leave while on duty. I started using reuseable plastic containers a while back for everything, but it would be nice tohave a whole stackable system like this one. There are some things I can pack the night before, but I always make the sandwich fresh that morning.
  • Yes, I pack the night before, and my favorite thing to pack is leftovers (easy!). Today I packed my Kindergartener some leftover pesto pasta with grilled chicken, an apple, milk, and a handful of peanut M&M's as a treat for surviving her first week :).
  • I pack our lunches while putting away leftovers, which I prefer to sandwiches :) If we don't have leftovers, then it's stuff like yogurt, carrots, almonds, cheese, and fruit... lunchblox would be great!
  • When I have to make lunches for my grandkids, I definitely do it the night before! We aim for litterless lunches! thanks
  • I always pack the night before. My girls like fresh fruit, peanut or sunbutter in a cup, carrot sticks for dipping, chunks of grilled chicken, crackers, etc. A set like this would be really handy.
  • Sandwiches can become boring although using wraps and tortillas does help. Pita pizza made the night before is especially good if there is time to leave it at room temp for a bit. I like to add cold soup, raw nuts and seeds, youghurt - either with granola or as a smoothie (in this lunch box add a spoon and call it soup!) - and grain- or bean-based salads - including dried or fresh fruit makes it more enticing. I definitely pack the night before. Mornings are way too hectic to pack lunches.
  • I always pack the night before... my kids mostly like sandwiches and cracker stackers. I do have a thermos though, so I plan on packing more hot leftover type foods once it cools down a bit
  • I usually a fruit which I try to cut I to a cute shape with a cookie cutter, a veggie (recently it has been the green peppers from our garden), cheese and some form of carb and protein. My daughter doesn't like bread or straps so I am always looking for new ideas.
  • I definitely pack the day before. My girls love cut-up fruits and veggies and dip, sandwiches/roll-ups and a treat like homemade cookies.
  • no babies in school yet but I still try to keep lunch interesting. It's a lot easier when you don't have to make something that has to stay cold! My little one is under two but obsessed with curries so that is what we have for lunch. Curry or pasta.
  • We typically pack the night before. I think this lunch box would be great for my 2nd grader who needs to graze throughout the day.
  • I usually pack leftovers for lunch. Sandwiches and soup are also a good lunch. Fresh fruit and a juicebox make a balanced meal.
  • I love packing fresh fruit, cut up veggies & dip, cheese, crackers and usually some kind of small treat. I prefer to use reusable containers.
  • I pack/put in containers everything I can the night before and either put it in dd's lunchbox or in the fridge if it needs to be kept cold. All I leave for the next morning is her sandwich which is just about always PB&J! :-)
  • I was on lunch making duty when I lived with my boyfriend's family because I was the earliest riser and the most awake in the mornings. They seemed to be into sameness, so lunch each day was lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches (mayo on the cheese side and ketchup on the meat side, apparently it makes a difference), baby carrots, dip for the carrots, a muffin, fruit, and a cookie.
  • I pack the night before and i try to pack a healthy lunch with a sandwich and lots of fruits and veggies!
  • I like easy things like berries and cheesestrings. I generally throw it together the morning of. Thanks for hosting!
  • I tend to pack peanut butter sandwiches, but that will probably have to change with so many peanut free zones now.
  • My favorite lunch to pack is a turkey, cheese, and spinach multi-grain flatbread wrap with mixed grapes and a banana.
  • Yes, I pack the night before so that I can sleep later in the morning. I usually pack leftovers with fruit.
  • My daughter loves to find pasta in her lunch box and I always pack as much as possible the night before.
  • I always feel like I need to wait until morning and pack it right before we leave to go to school, but that is just me.
  • I usually pack the night before and my favorite items to pack are pudding, yogurt, a fruit cup and cookies!
  • The Grandkids love to pack everyday, they pack in the mornings and they love cheese sticks or apple sauce.
  • Love the lunchblox! Such a good idea. I usually end up packing huge mixed salads to work because I don't want to deal with a ton of tupperware, but these guys make it look easy to separate!
  • I love these even though I have no kids. Apart from packing lunch {usually a sandwich and some fruit and/ or cheese or chips} for my mum who vounteers 3-4 days a week, they would be great for picnics, a day at the beach, road trips, etc. Very handy. Thanks for the giveaway.
  • I have a very hard time figuring out what to pack because they are so picky, but I always pack the night before.
  • My son is just starting kindergarten so I don't know what my lunch habits will be. I'm sure at the beginning, I'll be packing his lunches in the evening so everything is all ready to go. But, with two other little ones running around, I suspect that after a month or so, lunches will be left unmade until the morning.
  • My sons have been making their own lunches since they were in 1st grade. I have, however, been making them special breakfasts (big batches) so that they can have a healthy breakfast before school.
  • A typical school lunch for my kid is a piece of fruit, a cheese sandwich and a granola bar. I pack it in the morning
  • I pack in the morning and usually include sliced veggies, a sandwich, fruit and a homemade cookie or muffin.
  • We usually pack the night before, unless we are packing soup in a thermos, then I'll heat it up and store it in the thermos for my girls until they are ready to eat it. It usually stays nice and warm for them. We always like to include on fruit and one veggie, and a treat!
  • i just finished packing my daughters lunch. so far we've had a lot of success with turkey and cheese, watermelon and sauerkraut! i love when she brings everything home empty!
  • I love the small snack containers. You can give the kids several different food items and they love it. I sometimes make lunch the night before and sometimes in the morning.
  • I always pack the night before and lunches always consist of either sandwich or leftover dinner from night before with a fruit and a snack
  • I gather most of the stuff the night before, but I HATE sandwiches that are made too early and get soggy. I would not do that to my kids, so if they are having sandwiches, I make them that morning. We empty lunch pails as soon as they get home and clean them, so they are ready to go.
  • This will be our first time going to school, and I really have no idea what to do about lunches. I'd like to try to get things ready the night before since I'm sure the morning will be hectic.
  • I always try to pack my sons school lunch the night before, it helps make our mornings run a whole lot smoother.
  • I always pack the morning of. I love to put the fresh veggies in with the fresh fruit, they seem to eat more of them that way.
  • I prepare my lunch the night before. I pack healthy snacks. I am Weight Watchers and need several snacks during the day.
  • I pack the sandwiches they request within reason. This year I will pack the night before because I have 3 this year bringing lunches. Thanks for the chance.
  • some things will go in the night before - like cut carrot and celery sticks. sandwiches are made the morning of - so that they don't get soggy etc. i like packing simple things like pudding, yogurt, cheese strings, etc.
  • As much as I can I try to prepare lunch snacks the night before. Saving sandwich making for the morning of. My go-tos are fruit, cheese, nuts/seeds, yogurt. Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I pack my kids snacks the night before and my kids usually take peanut butter and jelly and crackers for a snack
  • yes i pack the night before, i set all the clothes out too,lol, but i like to pack crackers and little meats and cheeses, they love veggies too
  • to save time, we pack the night before. we pack sandwiches, carrot sticks with a little dip, some juice, applesauce or pudding.
  • The lunches get packed in the morning. Seems the kids are good with carrots as their snack and usually apples.
  • I really liked packing cheese, cubasa , pickles and crackers so they could make their own little sandwiches, I would pack it at night except the crackers because the crackers go soggy in the fridge, thank you:)
  • Yogurt and Fruit with a P.B. and J. sandwich, crackers and apple juice. I pack some the night before, but make the sandwich and cut the fruit the morning of
  • I make my finace's lunch every night and I like to give him a sandwich, chips, apple cut up and usually another kind of fruit
  • My son is going to school all day now, so I have to pack a lunch, but I pack the morning of, not the night before! Wish I was that organized!

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