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As I’m chatting with my friends and family lately I’ve found myself asking this a lot, “What is happening to our world? Just in the past couple weeks we are dealing with many forest fires in the west and multiple hurricanes in the south. It’s scary.” Not including the fact that each year the average temperature seems to be rising. I want Mother Earth to be here forever. For our children’s children. Don’t you? That is why this Indiegogo campaign is ultra-important. Possibly the greatest crowdfunding endeavor ever to help save the world and humankind. You can help reverse climate change today.

Reverse climate change

It’s a growing concern that global warming is happening. We, humans, are causing this by burning fossil fuels by abundance. In my state of Colorado, I was happy to learn when we moved here three years ago, requires your car to go through gas admissions testing before you can register it. Those cars you see emitting black smoke? You won’t see them on the road here for long. That is just a start of the solution.

The OBRIST C-Transformer is here. A device inspired by Mother Nature to not only slow down climate change, but to even reverse climate change. I’m not going to go into all the scientific details on how it works because much of it is above my head. All of the information and questions answered can be found here on their platform page. Here is a snippet on how it works:

Before a tree dies and releases its carbon, which has been stored in its wood during its life span back into the atmosphere, the OBRIST C-Transformer will turn its trunk into biochar and introduce it into the forest’s ground. In this manner, the carbon improves soil fertility and the release of carbon back into our atmosphere is prevented.

A machine that will help nature do what nature does best. Just a little bit faster. Actually, a lot faster.

My post today is to share with you how we can ALL easily help make this a reality by supporting this revolutionary product. We know that it works. It just needs to get to the next level of development. Don’t you want to help? Donations start at just $1. For giving $25, five trees will be planted. More perks for each level, but I think just knowing we are contributing to make our planet a better place is enough for me.

The Indiegogo campaign has started and now it is up to us to support and spread the word. Help reverse climate change! I’ve done my part. Can you help too?

Donate today right here!

Are you worried about climate change?

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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