Tips to Reorganize the Junk Drawer

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I am a pen girl. Not a blue and black pen mind you, but all the colors of the rainbow. It drives Hubby a little batty because he’s always complaining he can’t find just a ‘plain’ pen. The last time he said this, it made me realize why he can’t find a normal pen. That drawer was a disaster! It was time to reorganize the junk drawer. Not only for him you see, but so my pretty pens could have a place too.

Target Pilot G2 Pens

I skipped for joy to Target this week. I was going to buy more pens! I couldn’t wait. The Pilot G2 Target Fashion Collection was what I was after. 12 brightly colored pens that would not only brighten my papers, but my junk drawer too because these pens have the look. They were fashionable with their polka dots!

Pilot G2 Pens

Let’s get back to my junk drawer for a minute. It was time to Declutter. It looks pretty bad, right? Let me share with you a few tips I learned on the way of reorganizing.

Reorganize the Junk Drawer

  1. Empty everything out. You might not have seen the bottom of that drawer since you moved in! Grab some cleaner and wipe it all out.
  2. Have both a trash bin and recycle bin nearby. Do you know how many expired coupons I had in there?
  3. Decide what is going back in and what needs to stay out. This was hard for me, but I decided anything kid related – glue sticks, crayons, stickers – were coming out to put into another craft area.
  4. Put in a few drawer trays to keep things separate and tidy. Target has these too!
  5. Carefully put everything back in nice neat piles. Pencils together, plain pens, Mom’s pens, you get it.
  6. It’s also a great time to test old pens/markers to see if they still work, sharpen pencils and empty pencil sharpeners.

Reorganize the Junk Drawer

Now it is so much smoother to find anything! Really, my pens though. I use them daily for notes and journaling, but mostly for my weekly calendar that I am always adding something too. I like it pretty!

Reorganize the Junk Drawer

The Pilot G2 is America’s #1 selling gel ink pen since it’s known for smooth writing and comfy grip. Plus, it is known to last long and not wear out! You can choose from four point sizes, 15 vibrant colors, and multiple package options – G2 Premium, G2 Target Fashion Collection, G2 Metallics. You can have such a great collection!

If you are a pen girl like me, you’ll want to be sure to join the Target G2 Overachievers Club. You’ll receive promotions, product news, Overachiever life hacks, giveaways and more.

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Reorganize the Junk Drawer

Are you a pen girl?

Is it time to reorganize the junk drawer at your house?

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